Get unstuck in your business with purposeful creativity

Alleviate boredom by using purposeful creativity When you have two conversations in one week with entrepreneurs who are experiencing boredom in their business, you know it’s time to write about it. This doesn’t mean that you are in the wrong business or need to make a huge pivot in your business model. (For some people that’s … Read more

How to create leverage from one simple idea

leverage begins with one simple idea

Leverage your methodology to create better offers faster Most business have frantic and chaotic marketing strategies. People get excited for short periods if they have a program or an event that requires getting “bums in seats”. Outside of those small bursts, they don’t have clarity about how to leverage all of their work with a consistent marketing plan. That’s not … Read more

It’s your opening night …

influencer outreach

You are feeling nervous and excited. A bit of both. Your hands are sweating. Your head is buzzing with last minute details. You walk onto the stage and feel the burn of the hot, bright lights. Many people have gathered. It’s the moment you’ve been building up to – opening night! You’ve finally arrived. Isn’t that … Read more

Is your marketing style big, slow or bold?

Get clear on the right marketing style for you Your marketing style determines your entire entrepreneurial experience. Entrepreneurs often let it choose them but it’s an important choice to make consciously. Are you going to go big, go slow or be bold? Consistency works best in everything marketing. Knowing your commitment level in advance will … Read more

How to position yourself to be seen

One of the side benefits my clients receive from building a business strategy is confidence that comes from knowing their position. They have the kind of confidence that people want to buy into. By understanding their core value at the deepest level, they know who to talk to, how to talk to them and where … Read more

Don’t waste your time on web design

brand strategy

The vision:  Beautiful website that turns heads and immediately converts customers because it looks so hot! The problem:  False expectations about what an attractive website will do for your business without having a brand strategy. The reality:  Web design that looks great but doesn’t “tell” people how talented you are and what you help them accomplish and visitors … Read more

How to love your customers to build a loyal tribe

I am a business strategist. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get love. In fact, the other day my Powerhouse Mastermind group reflected back a few words to each other to close our session. I got “fierce love”. This is what I offer in life and in my business. In general, how you show up naturally … Read more

Attract more people when you connect with value

In an age where almost everyone has access to the network, micro entrepreneurship is exploding. It’s the cool thing to do, the fun thing to do and there are a lot of readily available resources. However, the concept of value has gotten lost. Entrepreneurs become fixated on all the benefits of being self-employed and sometimes forget … Read more

Knock it outta the park with these people

I received an email from a client just the other day titled, “Advice re: culling the herd”. I love creative email titles! My client is growing a distinct online platform for a specific subset of entrepreneurs. It’s going to take time, energy and experimentation in order to get her value proposition crystal clear right at the outset. Potential … Read more