Truthbomb alert – my top business mistakes this year

Turning my top business mistakes into my next steps started here. To say this year has been a huge lesson-learning one for me, doesn’t do it justice. While everyone’s talking 2019 planning in the internet ether right now, I’m looking back. I did a deep dive into what I wasn’t clueing into, and why, over … Read more

Why you need a business model, not a business coach

A clear-cut business model is the baseline for your highest earning potential Having worked directly with dozens of business owners over the last few years – hearing and rectifying their challenges – I know what’s getting in their way … … the absence of a business model. How they earn, from whom and how they … Read more

Don’t leave money on the table with bland offers

Turn your bland offers into hot packages & see your revenue soar Getting more clarity on my model and my messaging is like gold to me. Typically the more clear I get, the more I attract aligned clients. Ones who write things like this: “Thanks again for a fantastic session yesterday! I’m feeling so confident … Read more

Attracting clients is easier when you know what they are thinking

Attracting clients doesn’t happen just because you want it to, although a tenacious attitude helps. It happens because you have something they need AND you can communicate it in a way that they can hear it. It’s not all pom-poms and promotion. Communicating your value is critical to attracting clients who are excellent. It connects people … Read more

Niche like a ninja


Finding your niche has new meaning in an online world I remember the final days of my coaching school. Back in 2008. They spent the last couple of days infusing the coaching lessons with business training. It was pretty simple. They gave us a worksheet of all these different coaching types Sales Coach, Performance Coach, Marketing … Read more

Making your brand stand-out with vulnerability

Vulnerability can be your brand differentiator When’s the last time you felt vulnerable? Like really exposed? It’s not a nice feeling most of the time. That’s why we avoid it. We naturally dodge situations that cause us pain. However many things that cause mental and emotional discomfort are healthy. Vulnerability is one of them. It … Read more

Are your marketing fears blocking your success?

Overcome your marketing fears with inner wisdom & outer metrics Most entrepreneurs love their products, love delivering them, even talking about them but they don’t enjoy promoting them. Marketing fears are prevalent in almost everyone of us. Marketing fears prevent a lot of business owners who are full from referrals from expanding and scaling their business. … Read more