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A business that creates true freedom ...

Requires bold positioning, fearless messaging & brave marketing.

Want to grow your business the right way for your business goals & lifestyle?

I know you have bigger financial & impact goals that you're currently meeting. It's overwhelming thinking about how to consistently show up in more places, attract attention and increase revenue.

Whether you're growing your group programs or simply offering higher end packages, you have a lot of choices on how to reach and expand your tribe.

There's so much freedom to gain from growing online ... and there are many different ways to do it. At the end of the day it comes down to having high-value clients.

That's why I want you to consider how you can scale, your own way.

I help impact-driven entrepreneurs first build $100k, then $1m sustainable & profitable brands with scalable offers.

I have expertly helped 100’s of business owners, like you ...

Connect and communicate with impact.

Gain confidence building strategic relationships.

Get in front of bigger audiences.

Design business models they love.

Create reliable & consistent revenue with premium services.


One year after working with Lisa, I get 3-5 discovery calls per month and 2-3 become clients. A 60% conversion rate. Now I’m starting to get referrals!

When I started working with Lisa I’d been in business for a whole year and I wasn’t getting any clients. 

She very quickly and efficiently helped me to structure my website, change the language and reconstruct my packages. The moment we did that I started getting clients. And I didn’t have to sell them on what I was doing because my offers & pricing on my website were so clear.

Lisa helped me to think differently. You can’t take that back. She gave me confidence.

Madhu Kanwar, Elixir Consulting

I booked a Business Design session with Lisa because I was feeling like my business was flatlining. I wanted to re-evaluate my goals, business model, and jump-start a new year.

My session was EXACTLY what I needed. I saw a jump in sales, an expansion of my services, and new energy in my business almost immediately. She gave me some great ideas, connections, and most importantly, accountability. I know I'll refer back to our notes consistently as my business continues to grow.

Lindsay O'Donnell, Piquant Marketing


Here's how ...

Design Your Ideal Business

Increase Sales with FB Ads

Scaling Deep Business Podcast

Need help designing a business you truly love? I will help you build a profitable business model, fall in love with your bold message & streamline your marketing system in a 3 hour VIP session!

Want a faster way to scale your business with paid advertising? I provide Facebook Ad Strategy service to grow your brand awareness, generate leads and make more sales.

This podcast was made for owners who want real stories & strategies behind successful 6+ figure businesses. I'm not afraid to dive deep so you can learn ... and grow ... with greater ease!

Working with Lisa was hands down, one of the best business/strategy investments I ever made. I recouped my investment, as soon as I finished my private program with her.

She gave me the clarity I needed. I was able to birth and deliver my coaching program Beyond Corporate in the first round!! And on top of that, I learned a process that I've repeated a couple of times with my new program. 

Jessica Vazquez, Business & Money Coach


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