How to create leverage from one simple idea

leverage begins with one simple idea

Leverage your methodology to create better offers faster

Most business have frantic and chaotic marketing strategies.

People get excited for short periods if they have a program or an event that requires getting “bums in seats”.

Outside of those small bursts, they don’t have clarity about how to leverage all of their work with a consistent marketing plan.

That’s not surprising because they don’t have an overall strategy stemming from one simple idea or problem. Creating programs books, articles, opt-ins, and campaigns that are really specific but all relate to a core problem is an easier way.

Successful small businesses who have a very specific focus and a brand that always leads back to that core idea do really well.

You might have heard of Marie Forleo’s B-school. It is the main program she offers and I’d bet it accounts for most of her revenue. She leverages the idea that you can learn the marketing and brand essentials for your dream business and live your life’s purpose through this course. (I don’t, personally, think this course can do all that but it gives the mass audience a place to start).

Tara Gentile has her Quiet Power Strategy methodology, book and programs that fit within that over-arching title. Quiet Power is all about using your individuality and uniqueness to do more of what you do well and stand out. (This, I think, is spot on).

And there are examples of more specific offers like Kai Davis from Double Your Audience. He teaches people new outreach tactics for their content. I got onto him through his podcast outreach strategy. His focus on the outreach piece of the puzzle makes his leverage opportunities within that realm very clear. He’s speaking to those who have good content and aren’t doing enough with it.

These are all examples of leverage. One methodology, program, perspective or focus is a better way to build up brand recognition, authority and respect in your area of passion and knowledge.

Expand when it’s your time

Your value is clear
You know your value when you feel confident in your ability to consistently deliver the outcomes your clients want. This was a BIG one for me. Until I could get repeatable results for my clients, I felt cautious leveraging my brand.

Your message is strong
When you are able to convey your value in a simple, strong message and feel confident about it over time (meaning it’s not flavour of the week) you have one that you can leverage. When you feel it at your core and can go into depth on it in a number of ways again and again, you are set.

Your products and services fit
When you have consistent offers products & services that fit within your value and message you will be able to scale them all much easier. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a variety of ways to serve clients, it simply means your offers all deliver the same kind of value and don’t deviate too far from the core.

Leverage your edge

Your core message
Any huge belief you hold is a strong message to leverage. Karen from Entrepreneur Mom Now believes in supporting moms building businesses between the school bells. This serves a greater purpose of empowering women, strengthening families and creating resilient communities. She offers training and mentorship for moms fairly new to their businesses who need support on a tight budget. She even offers grants to those who need it.

Your methodology
I talk a lot about using the truth to extract the core value of a business and building a resilient brand from there. I walk most of my clients through a set of exercises to unearth their unique and powerful value proposition. These steps show up in all of my private coaching, group programs and even in my book. They are tools I use consistently because they work.

A market you serve
My former client Laneway Media is an agency that specializes in helping independent retailers have consistent messaging and calls to action in both their offline and online advertising. Focusing on serving this market comes from years of experience both of the partners have working with this kind of client. They can leverage their knowledge of the challenges facing these clients to broaden the services they offer them.

This is a place to start. Eventually you can have a fully connected business model where everything – brand, team, methodology, clients – are all cohesive and supported by one another.

Begin to build and leverage a business by choosing a focus and commitment to one simple thing. What is the one idea you can shine out into the world?

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Lisa Princic is a Business Strategist & Membership Expert who helps thought leaders & niche experts build wildly successful memberships while making a positive impact. She helps entrepreneurs scale with powerful positioning & profitable programs designed around their zone of genius. A staunch believer in simplicity, Lisa helps her clients accomplish their goals by focusing on what to do AND what to ignore.

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