Your clients perspective – what’s in it for them?

clients perspective

Never focus solely on your own needs, find your clients perspective I love living and working in this new social era. It’s a very niched world where we can work with a variety of experts to help us achieve our goals. We don’t have to be a big player hiring a big agency. On the flip-side, this … Read more

Turn your next marketing campaign into a movement

Herrainco is a brand strategy and design company that has been around for more than 30 years. Herrainco’s principal Casey has seen many changes in the industry and continues to stay current through teaching, taking innovative courses and transforming the brands of her clients. She is passionate about design-thinking how a powerful brand can connect … Read more

What’s your special somethin’ somethin’?

How to stand out in a connection economy I just got back from a Chamber of Commerce luncheon where I was challenged, as we all were, by the speaker, “Are you all in? Are your feet firmly planted in the ground committed to delivering the highest level of service possible as a business?” I wanted … Read more

How to handle setbacks and use them to grow

Ahhhh setbacks. Those brutally challenging situations. We get to be all wise and zen-like and say things like “it builds character” and “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” etc. etc. blah blah blah. I am not shrugging off healthy sentiments when things go off the rails, I am just talking about the kind of … Read more

The three C’s of irresistibility

I love having time to think when creative & inspired thoughts that only space can give me seep to the surface of my consciousness. Albeit it doesn’t happen very often these days with a toddler in tow a lot of the time. When it does though, I appreciate every little idea that comes up. My … Read more