Ready to Turn Your Passion, Skills & Growth Market into Meaningful MRR?

If you're struggling to launch or pinpoint precisely why your membership isn't growing ... you've landed in the right place

TRUTH: Most people don't have terrible membership ideas.

They haven't woken up one day and just decided to go through all the growing pains of planning out and then launching their most freeing & flexible offer, just to watch the idea sit on a shelf, or worse yet ...

Launch and watch enrollment slow down completely and struggle just to keep it viable day-after-day.

No one wants to see their dream program sprout wings and never take flight. It's the worst feeling. It feels like failure.

But it's really not because the concept nor the program (or you) aren't brilliant, it's comes down to some really simple business foundations.

Three reasons why memberships don't gain ground:


Most people don't realize that memberships still need to deliver clear results for their members. People who join memberships, like any other kind of program, want to "get better", "be stronger", "improve results" and so on.

And it's your job to let them know that you are wholly committed to making this come true for them.


Membership sites often accumulate tremendous amounts of content. From trainings to call recordings, to templates and guides. Membership owners get bogged down creating this content and members can't consume all of it, nor need it.

More content isn't the answer, a streamlined roadmap is.


A lot of people launch their memberships to a warm list and have no plan to sell it afterwards. They keep the sales page open and assume people will come pouring in.

The lack of a funnel or sales system that gets regularly tracked doesn't allow membership owners to gain a full & true picture of how well the program is converting.


60% of established memberships bring in 6 figures per year or more after the 3 year mark. And 7% are making 7 figures.

It can feel like sitting on a goldmine, that no one knows is there

When I launched my membership, I thought my experience and skills would shine through, because I had personally helped 100's of online business owners get their businesses and offers off the ground.

I had no idea how different it was to position, structure and sell a scalable program. And I sure didn't know how important it was to have these foundations in place:

  • Expert positioning to attract ideal members (who stay longer) at high conversion rates
  • A content system that delivers transformational results to members and is easy and sustainable to delivery
  • A solid sales system that matches your launch & style & energy level so you can keep enrolling new members and keep the energy high
  • Tracking numbers to figure out what parts of the sales system need optimizing

Most people who start memberships wing a lot of it, with varying outcomes. Which can work to attract initial superfans who are waiting for their next offer to come out. BUT, this can make it very difficult to turn cold traffic into people who feel confident taking the next step.

The great news is ... a proper membership design can help you launch with your best foot forward, resulting in the most amount of founding members and also set you up for a healthy amount of recurring revenue and the opportunity to thrive ... long into the future.


Lisa helped me take a big idea and refine it into clear, actionable steps. She walked me through every single step - everything from defining my ideal client,  picking the right technology, selecting the right price point, editing my copy on my sales page and email series. She also asked questions that weren’t on my radar. Read Sarah's case study here.

Sarah Lovell, Executive Functioning Coach

"I can't say enough good things about Lisa, our amazing membership business coach. She played a crucial role in helping us merge three separate businesses into one powerhouse. Lisa truly understood the nuances involved in this task and provided us with invaluable guidance.

What sets Lisa apart is her personalized approach. She took the time to understand our unique challenges and goals, tailoring her advice specifically for us. Her dedication and support throughout building our membership were absolutely priceless.

If you're looking for a membership business coach who gets what it takes to run a successful membership, I can't recommend Lisa enough. She's a game-changer!"

Melissa Pierce, The Widow Squad
Widow Squad
Kelley C

"Lisa has been an invaluable asset to me as I've grown my membership business. Her insights and advice have been pivotal to my success. She helped me think big - about the value I bring to my clients beyond my core offer.

Her support played a big part in helping me hit my revenue goal, which was to triple from last year!!"


"Before my strategy session with Lisa my head was swirling around with ideas and uncertainty about which direction to take my business in.

Lisa's depth of knowledge about business models, marketing, and messaging was critical to helping me formulate a new program that will help my clients take their speaking to the next level, while levelling up my own leadership as well.

The best part was the a-ha's and realizations of what I wanted my business model to be and how I needed to show up."

I came away with a clear plan, my next steps and confidence that this is the right path for me. It was well worth the investment, as I know it will pay off many times over!

Carol Cox, Speaking Your Brand


The proven system for building thriving 6 & 7 figure memberships:

Membership Success Map
Fast-Track Your Membership Growth With A

VIP Membership Design Package

A powerful accelerator to solidify your concept, strengthen your positioning and develop a sales strategy to get your first 100 or next 1k members. 

1. Mapping Your Membership Strategy

We'll begin by defining what you want your membership to do for your business and how it fits within your entire model. We'll look closely at your numbers, funnels stats, assets and industry standards to shed a light on what needs optimizing. 

2. Making Your Offer Irresistible

We’ll review your pricing, positioning and copy to ensure you’re attracting the right members who want to stay and grow. We’ll help you gain more clarity on your niche and target audience and what they need to know and see before they buy. 

3. Creating Sustainable Content

We'll map your membership journey to ensure you’re delivering what members need to transform. This includes matching your pricing to the value of the transformation they receive. We’ll also look at ways to increase the LTV (life-time value) of your members.

4. Mastering Sales & Marketing

Consistent & predictable enrollment is a critical part of growing your membership. Whether you prefer live launches or want your own evergreen enrollment engine, we’ll create a launch plan and sales strategy you can trust. 

Build Your Personalized MRR Roadmap

  • Work through your membership concept so you feel completely confident the world will love
  • Outline a content plan that gives enough value without too much for your members to consume
  • Create pricing that feels like a great deal while also padding your profit margin
  • Strengthen your core messages and copy so you can build a landing page designed to sell
  • Map out a high-converting sales & marketing funnel, designed specifically for you and your audience

No matter where you are at on your planning or membership journey, you will be crystal clear on your next steps to launch, re-launch or tackle growth without any hesitation.

Rave reviews from real business owners:

Mark Groleau

"Lisa helped me see that the bottleneck existed in my sales sequence. Just days after I tightened up the language, I bumped up the price 15% and started selling 1 course every day! She helped me see that I was giving too much away and didn't need more leads, just a higher conversion rate.

Lisa's process got me immediate results. I've now had 3 record breaking months in a row ... and it's my slow season!"

Mark Groleau, Unboring Wedding


"Lisa helped us add value to what we currently offer our clients without having to hustle which is what our competitors are doing."

She helped us dig deep to find out how we could be necessary and feel really good about how we service our customers.

Lisa is very business oriented. We didn’t want any fluff. With her help we were able to focus on a direction and very clear business goals that matched our values and desired lifestyle."

Leah Mulleda, Laneway Media


"Lisa’s superpower is to help businesses distill their value.

Before working with her, I didn’t how to articulate the unique message of my business and make it work. Lisa helped me make sense of the ideas in my head and make them understandable for the clients I’m trying to attract.

As a result, I was able to distinguish my ideal client from others and put messaging on my website that resonates with them."

Tammy Martin, Martin Marketing


"We implemented the steps and were immediately able to dramatically improve our conversion rates. We were typically at about 1% and on our latest sales campaign we increased that number to 5.2%!

We learned how to talk to our customer more clearly and really improve our copy. It's been such a valuable asset for us!"

Amy & Jane, HomeNotes


"I worked with Lisa to revamp my brand messaging and she gave me tons of insight that led to an important shift in my business.

Within 6 months after working together, I was able to double the members in my program and increase my member retention."
Andréa Jones, Savvy Social School


"Working with Lisa was hands down, one of the best business/strategy investments I ever made. I recouped my investment, as soon as I finished my private program with her.

I was able to birth and deliver my coaching program Beyond Corporate in the first round!!  On top of that, I learned a process that I've repeated with my new program."

Jessica Vazquez, Business & Money Coach

What You Get

Private VIP Day Package

The VIP Intensive is for experienced business owners, ready to create consistent revenue and scale their program. We'll level-up your vision, refine your positioning & map out the marketing plan to increase your visibility, so you can shift from doing all the hands-on delivery.
We'll cover everything you need to know to build a successful membership program.

Map out the design of your membership and create a launch and growth plan inside a private 3 hour Business Design session with me. (Value $1,950.00)

Unlimited access to me via Voxer or email for 30 days. (Value $1,500.00)

Map out next steps with one 60 minute follow-up strategy session. (Value $550.00)

Increase conversions with a personal review of your sales funnel & marketing assets with suggestions on how to improve flow. (Value $500.00)

Get extended support with an entire database of membership specific sales & marketing trainings, group calls & guest experts inside the Scaling Deep Society for 6 months. (Value $1000.00)

Level up your mindset and prepare for bigger impact with leadership support. (Value unlimited!)

Total Value: $5,500.00

Regular price: $4,000.00

Limited time offer: $2,750 USD

Hey! I'm Lisa Princic

I've been on this entrepreneurial journey for 15 years! I know what it's like to want to scale my services and want flexibility and recurring revenue, and still not be able to figure out the right way to do it, for me.

All the BIG marketers make it look so easy.

Well, it's not easy but it's possible with the right strategy. It took me forever to come up with the perfect program for me, a membership rooted in mentorship. No one was teaching how to create unique programs that use our best skills and get real results for our clients.

When I finally trusted my experience & passion, I was able to commit to the model I knew would make a difference for others ... and was easy for me.

Now I enjoy the flexibility of running a 6 figure business with two offers that get results - the Scaling Deep Society (my high support membership) & VIP Days - on a part-time schedule that fits my lifestyle.

Nothing brings me greater fulfillment than helping people, just like you, design your business with freedom and fulfillment built in.

Life-changing transformation starts here:

"Lisa is an amazing coach and business mentor. As the CEO of a 7 figure wellness business in NYC, I'm always looking to surround myself with intelligent, honest, positive, and critically-minded people who can help level up my business.

When I started working with Lisa, I had a ton of ideas and enthusiasm but no clear direction or path on where to start, which felt overwhelming. Over the last year, I've been able to confidently choose my path forward, make huge progress on epic projects (opening next locations of my business, starting a line of products, rebranding my business, overhauling my website, and making some life-changing hires), and I honestly did get to where I hoped to go!

I have much more confidence in my direction, and made so much more progress than I would have otherwise thanks to Lisa's accountability, organization, and ideas. Lisa is knowledgeable, kind, has genuine interest, and has a willingness to give honest advice, critical and important feedback, and share resources, which is so generous and truly invaluable. I highly recommend working with her!"

Rachel Beider, Press Modern Massage

Rachel Beider
Jeremy Enns

"After hiring Lisa for a one-day intensive coaching session regarding my marketing and messaging, I walked away not only with a lot more clarity than I walked in with, but also a roadmap on how to put everything we talked about into action. Beyond that, I left so excited and energized about the direction of my business, and motivated to get to work. I really can't recommend Lisa highly enough!"
Jeremy Enns, Counterweight Creative

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More satisfied VIP clients:

I booked a Business Design session with Lisa because I was feeling like my business was flatlining. I wanted to re-evaluate my goals, business model, and jump-start a new year.

My session was EXACTLY what I needed. I saw a jump in sales, an expansion of my services, and new energy in my business almost immediately. She gave me some great ideas, connections, and most importantly, accountability. I know I'll refer back to our notes consistently as my business continues to grow.

Lindsay O'Donnell, Piquant Marketing

sara SDC

Lisa opened up a whole new world for me, allowing me to look at my business strategy as profitable and sustainable for years to come. With her honesty, fearlessness, encouragement and guidance, she helped me change the way the studio runs from all angles.

She showed me how my business could continue to grow rapidly at a successful and manageable rate. Working with Lisa, is by far one of the best choices I've made for my business and my personal well being.

Sara Constantin, Squamish Dance Centre


Certified Business Strategist | Lisa Princic

As a licensed Quiet Power Strategy™ business strategist, I've completed an intensive apprenticeship under business strategist and thought leader Tara McMullin. I use Quiet Power Strategy™ coaching tools that have been used with thousands of entrepreneurs running businesses of every single type. I combine my knowledge of Lean Startup principles and effective business model development to design businesses for success.

If you are ready to cut through the fog and get a clear, effective strategy with experienced support you will love your personalized Quiet Power Strategy™.