What’s your special somethin’ somethin’?


How to stand out in a connection economy

I just got back from a Chamber of Commerce luncheon where I was challenged, as we all were, by the speaker, “Are you all in? Are your feet firmly planted in the ground committed to delivering the highest level of service possible as a business?”

I wanted to phone up all of my clients and ask them this as well as reflect on my own service offering.

Thank you Christine McLeod for that big push. You are totally bang on. In the connection economy people won’t share average service, they’ll share great results and you can bet they’ll share even more frequently disappointing outcomes. Click to tweet

This means if you are a referral based business (who isn’t in a connection economy?) that giving your customer the highest, most outstanding level of service is important, not only because they will come back again and again but because they will tell their friends. That kind of advertising is free – the best kind.

So let’s say that customer service is a given, you always blow your customers away with your dedication to their amazing experience. Awesome. That may not be your only differentiator from your competition.

What is your special sauce, secret weapon, somethin’ somethin’ that makes your business a better choice for the kind of customers you want? Do you have a clear idea of what that is?

You need to know this so you can spend more time investing in that uniqueness and make your marketing strategy a lot easier to build and more effective. Is it simply the best smiles your customer ever receives, an extra view minutes of your valuable time when they need it, a product that they can’t get elsewhere conveniently or can they count on YOU to be up to date on the latest most relevant trends in their industry.

What’s is it that you deliver, unique to only you that gives you that edge over your competition? Can’t think of it right off the bat? Here are some questions to help you:

  • What was the last piece of positive customer feedback you received?
  • When was the last time you felt super awesome about delivering a product or service? What did you do differently?
  • Who do you just love selling to/working with?
  • What sets you apart in your field?
  • What experience and talents make you unique?
  • How does your business deliver differently than your competition?

Tap into your special knowledge, experience, skills, personality type and wow the world with your genius. Even if you aren’t on the front line, pass along those super powers to your customers through your staff and they’ll keep coming make for more even if they can’t pinpoint why.

What’s the unique way you serve your customers?

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Lisa Princic is a Business Strategist & Membership Expert who helps thought leaders & niche experts build wildly successful memberships while making a positive impact. She helps entrepreneurs scale with powerful positioning & profitable programs designed around their zone of genius. A staunch believer in simplicity, Lisa helps her clients accomplish their goals by focusing on what to do AND what to ignore.

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