Niche like a ninja


Finding your niche has new meaning in an online world

I remember the final days of my coaching school. Back in 2008. They spent the last couple of days infusing the coaching lessons with business training. It was pretty simple.

They gave us a worksheet of all these different coaching types Sales Coach, Performance Coach, Marketing Coach, Relationship Coach … you get the picture. We were supposed to pick one.

That was my introduction to niches.

I resisted niching then and still find it hard. However, now the stakes are even higher.

Niching is mandatory to the survival of the micro business. 

Especially businesses, like mine, that are growing online and offer multiple outcomes to their clients.

Here’s why.

The niched business model

The world can’t connect to you as personally online or absorb as much detail as in person. Even if you aren’t growing online only, all the people you meet live are getting bombarded through social media by ads and posts promoting everything under the sun.

Many of those will compete for the precious $$$ from your ideal prospects who you’ve already met.

Have you noticed all the ads on Facebook by Amy Porterfield advertising her ‘how to create a 5 figure webinar’ and ‘don’t start a signature program without taking this’ freebies? I am sure she spends a lot on ads!

Amy Porterfield is a very successful marketer who could probably teach a lot of different things. BUT, she only advertises very specific training. Training designed to attract those who are struggling with EXACTLY that issue.

Niche marketing is part of the equation. And niching for your overall business is going to connect you with people who need immediate help.

The more specific your offer, the easier it is to make a connection with someone who needs your skill set, the more easily they’ll convert, the faster you can close a sale.

Making sales grows a business rapidly. That’s the ultimate goal, right?

Finding your irresistible niche

So, getting you closer to making those sales (my main goal) can start right now. Let’s get you thinking with these four questions:

  1.   What problem do you solve? 
  2.   Who is the most ideal person for you to assist in solving their problem?
  3.   What do your clients struggle with the most during your work with them? 
  4.   What is the smallest, most specific thing you can offer to get a valuable outcome for people?

Do you best to answer all these questions, imperfectly. You don’t need to come up with a killer product, optin, ad or program off the bat. You do need to start to niche like a ninja. Infiltrate the market with an excellent solution that is more irresistible than the next business.

You can use a minimum viable product to test out your ideas before you build on any of the ideas you come up with.

Make the commitment to niching, not to offering every aspect of your methodology. You will come up with something that hits people right where they need it.


Lisa Princic is a Business Strategist & Membership Expert who helps thought leaders & niche experts build wildly successful memberships while making a positive impact. She helps entrepreneurs scale with powerful positioning & profitable programs designed around their zone of genius. A staunch believer in simplicity, Lisa helps her clients accomplish their goals by focusing on what to do AND what to ignore.

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