3 ways to reinvent your business when your growth feels flat


Reinvent your business to leverage your zone of genius

When your growth feels flat you may feel an urge to reinvent your business model. It’s always good to take a look at what shifts need to be made to create momentum and get noticed.

It could be your business model. You might not be leading edge enough with how you offer what you do. And it could also be because you are not in your zone of genius. 

I created this short audio training to address the 3 ways businesses can grow and challenge you to think about which way you will do it.

I asked this question to a bunch of people this week, after thinking about it for a while myself.

“If I was as bold as I could be, what would I do to give the best of my value to people & build a great business from it”.

This question is meant to stimulate one of the ways you can reinvent how you deliver your value to people so you can really differentiate. It could even include offering something REALLY different than you do now. Something that better suits what you are uniquely designed to do and that others want from you.

Have a listen to this short training and let me know how you might reinvent your business this year. Come on over to my private FB group Soul Strategy Business Collective and tell me there.


Meet Lisa Princic

Membership Growth Strategist

Lisa Princic is a business coach & strategist that helps thought leaders first grow to $100k, then to $1m sustainably & profitably with membership programs. She's dedicated to helping impact-driven entrepreneurs scale their businesses with powerful positioning and profitable membership groups designed around their zone of genius.

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