Are your marketing fears blocking your success?

Overcome your marketing fears with inner wisdom & outer metrics

Most entrepreneurs love their products, love delivering them, even talking about them but they don’t enjoy promoting them. Marketing fears are prevalent in almost everyone of us.

Marketing fears prevent a lot of business owners who are full from referrals from expanding and scaling their business. They don’t want to be like the mass marketers.

Too bold, too personal, too braggy, not working, not getting noticed, not clever enough, people wont like it.

Do any of those sound familiar to you? I have had all of those thoughts at some point about the information I put out to attract people to my offers.

It was painful, but I did it anyway. Now it’s not so painful.

There are reasons for that. I don’t have magic solutions but there is a way forward. You can take steps to get over your own marketing fears and begin to get traction in the ways you want to grow.

They are designed to replace emotional responses with critical objectivity.

Step 1 | Get metrics that matter

To make marketing work, you can’t make a broad statement, like “I just want to make more money”. That won’t get you anywhere. Marketing isn’t a direct revenue generator, it’s part of a bigger plan. The results you look for in marketing (conversions, sign-ups, joiners, leads) allow you to engage further with your ideal prospects and eventually sell to them.

Think of a couple of very specific metrics that will get you closer to your bigger goals. You don’t want to put all of your revenue and outcome dreams on general marketing. Break it down so you can get clear on exactly where you need to focus your energy.

Step 2 | Honour your personality

Do what’s easiest or most natural for you. I know a lot of people who love writing. They can write all day long. I love writing too but it’s time consuming and I get overwhelmed if I feel I have to do more than one article per week.

So, to increase my marketing, I am doing the same amount of writing as normal. I am doing it mostly for new audiences – websites who feature guest writers. And for my own sites, I’m mostly focused on doing videos and Facebook live – impromptu things that I find easy and quick to do. Podcast interviews are also amazing. I do well on them and they are fun.

This type of content delivery shines a lot more light onto me and what it’s like to work with me. That’s powerful.

Step 3 | Take the long view

Marketing doesn’t work overnight. It’s a long game. You are actually building a system. (Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!) And this system to bring in consistent leads, sales, members, and any other metric you determine is valuable.

It’s rare to get any system working perfectly right away. It takes time to see results, to tweak the details and view those results and so on. Depending on how much you already know about your clients and how many sources you currently have, it can take anywhere from 3-9 months to start seeing satisfying results.

I’ve created a business strategy roadmap that shows an overview of the system. One that ultimately leads to revenue.

Step 4 | Work the plan

Keep working the plan! Doing things consistently is the only way to see if they actually work. When you’ve come up with a well thought through marketing plan that you know is full of quality content your prospects will love, don’t stop.

I have a Weekly Content plan that keeps me on track. It includes my over Goal, Metrics, Tools that I use and a Monday – Friday list of tasks each day. It helps me prioritize the best pre-determined activities for me day to day.


Marketing, when done strategically, is a lot of fun. If you do it with the above Steps, you can expand and scale your business without feeling like it’s way too much work. You will also get over your marketing fears.

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