Four components of a successful small business

A successful small business must have 4 things in their corner – product, market, money & people. Whether you’re a startup looking for venture capital or you want to become a successful small business all on your own, there are a few basic – but important – components every business must have. This four component … Read more

How to become a 10 year overnight sensation, much faster

Does it seem like everyone advertising online is bragging about being an overnight sensation? It’s not a common occurrence. In fact, it rarely happens at all. So don’t get down on yourself for gradual growth. Even inconsistent, up and down is more the norm than the exception. I’m coming up on 10 years of business … Read more

Build your audience faster with influencer outreach

Influencer outreach will fast-track your business growth All business owners need to spend the majority of their time on marketing. Tara McMullin, founder of the What Works community, stated in a virtual conference that 50% of your time should be spent on it. If your prospects primarily come from word-of-mouth than arguably that can jump … Read more

Few high-ticket clients or many lower-paying customers?

Do you need to attract high-ticket clients or sell to a bigger audience? Your business model contains so much good information. It goes way beyond the sales and marketing to outline how you deliver to each customer, how long you serve them and how much you charge. Making sure you have a plan on how … Read more

Why you need a business model, not a business coach

A clear-cut business model is the baseline for your highest earning potential Having worked directly with dozens of business owners over the last few years – hearing and rectifying their challenges – I know what’s getting in their way … … the absence of a business model. How they earn, from whom and how they … Read more

A marketing plan to cure your monkey mind

marketing plan

Three things to include in a smart marketing plan  A marketing plan is more like a scientific experiment than a game of darts. Thinking about it like a “a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact.” will take the unreasonable pressure off of you to take perfect action each time. … Read more