Who do you design your business for?

Or course you design your business for you. Who else though?

Who is at the forefront of your mind when you come up with a new product?

Do you visualize a sea of faces? Or do you think of 3-5 people? If you do that, are they people you know?

The best way to earn more now and create a more future profit is to always design your business for your top few clients – the ones you know. 

I like to talk about unique value (value propositions) A LOT. Because for many years I struggled to bring in consistent revenue because I didn’t have a clear one. I coached people on all kinds of things, then I coached entrepreneurs on all kinds of things.

Two years ago I finally faced the truth that I was ignoring. I was hustling because I didn’t know my value proposition.

I could ignore it no longer. Because, I didn’t have unique enough positioning, consistent types of clients (ambitious, experienced & passionate), tangible results and there wasn’t enough of me in my brand I couldn’t create a system to grow.

Now with all that – the tools, brand, focus and knowledge about what makes me unique and my clients unique, I have a clarity and success. Last year was my best year yet! And most personally rewarding.

The two essential things a value proposition describes is your unique value and the client you design your business for.

Unique value includes your story, experience, talent, tools and values. And who all that goodness is ultimately best at serving.

Beyond your own goals & dreams, you must design your business, in every aspect (marketing, products, messages & programs) for your best clients.

Your people

Get specific on who these people really are first. Create directly for them.

  • Who had a huge transformation as a result of working together?
  • Which clients refer you to others regularly?
  • Who loves to buy from you again and again?

Design your business for these people. Not everyone else. With this focus you can create beautiful, attractive and valuable offers for people in the right type of situations. And they’ll get huge benefit from working with you.

Your product development

Build rich detail into your offers that your best clients care about with questions like:

  • How will this product transform them?
  • What are the core features of your offer that will make they feel this is exactly what they need?
  • What extra details will carry a lot of meaning for them?

Your branding

Don’t just do this for product development. All branding, messaging and marketing must contain the desires of the few people you design your business for.

  • What problems are they trying to solve?
  • What kind of language do they use to describe their challenges?
  • Where are they going in their life? Who do they see themselves becoming?

Tap into what’s really going on for them inside and externally.

Finally, invite them to work with you.

Don’t forget to ask them to join you. When you create something with your best people in mind, invite them to buy first. And do it personally.

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is not directly asking for the sale. To grow, this needs to be a priority and woven into your business development practice.

Learn more about where this sits in the development of your own business model with my Business Strategy Roadmap. It’s yours for free. Right now.