Have you ever felt really flat after giving a talk or making a presentation? You went in all excited and left deflated because you didn't feel the energy of the room?

Well Carol Cox, founder of Speaking Your Brand, knows all about that. She helps female entrepreneurs & executives create their signature talks. She encourages them to lead with their story and create opportunities for engagement so both speaker and audience walk away excited.

Speaking is not a monologue from the speaker to the audience, it should be a conversation, a dialogue from the speaker to the audience, pulling them in. Without that you won't feel the energy and you and the audience won’t get that positive experience.

Carol has a huge mission:  to see more socially conscious, progressive women in positions of leadership in politics government and media. And she believes one of the avenues to get into positions of influence is through public speaking.

We talked more about the benefits of speaking and dove into how she's built up an exciting, growing business in just three short years.

Here are some of the many things we went over:

  • The benefit of working with a variety of clientele for a couple of years before getting crystal clear on who she best served.
  • Going deeper into fewer communities for input and learning and coming out of each of them with strong relationships (and new clients).
  • Setting learning goals each year to fill in gaps in her business.
  • How she's growing from "me to we" without giving up one-on-one offers - because that's the support that gets her clients across the line.

What mastery means to Carol:

Having done something long enough that you are skilled at it, have used that skill in a variety of ways, and are able to teach it to others.

Carol's core message:

As women, we need to be visible and take a seat at the table in order to affect change and to inspire more women to do the same.

Links mentioned in this show

  • Download Carol's Story Structure Framework and other resource to help you with all your speaking and presentations here

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