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You might be ready to scale your business and offer a flagship program or service but you’re not sure how to make it stand out from all the other offers in the market.

Getting visible is your number one priority. And to do that, more of WHO YOU ARE needs to show up in your marketing. If only you knew exactly what to say and where to say it, you’d be more confident developing that plan to grow your list and launch offers you can sell.

When you become confident in your value, your message and have a plan to show up boldly, you’ll get noticed by the people who matter. 

I've developed a 5 step framework to help you:

  • Get laser focused on what you do for people
  • Position yourself as a thought leader
  • Share with your audience consistently 
  • Connect to industry leaders

Plus, I’ll show you one way to accelerate all your efforts.

"Lisa helped me realize I don’t have to be dependent on other people to get my business up and running. It had to come from me. That gave me the confidence to speak to people about it freely and vocalize my value. This quickly turned into a flow of new clients."
Madhu Kanwar, Elixir Consulting


Lisa’s superpower is to help businesses distill their value. She helped me make sense of the ideas in my head and make them understandable for the clients I’m trying to attract.As a result, I was able to distinguish my ideal client from others and put unique messaging on my website that resonates with them, and means a lot to me.
Tammy Martin, Martin Marketing


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