Scaling deep – growth that feels good

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Scaling deep for lifestyle, freedom and impact There’s a movement of entrepreneurs who consider impact, after making a certain amount of money, as a key driver for growth. They don’t need to make millions, buy more stuff, manage more people and over-commit to being busy. That’s not the lifestyle that gives them the freedom they desire…

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Truthbomb alert – my top business mistakes this year

Turning my top business mistakes into my next steps started here. To say this year has been a huge lesson-learning one for me, doesn’t do it justice. While everyone’s talking 2019 planning in the internet ether right now, I’m looking back. I did a deep dive into what I wasn’t clueing into, and why, over…

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What mountain biking taught me about mastery

From rock faces to business mastery – it’s all connected I spent a lot of time mountain biking this summer. More than I have since becoming pregnant 8 years ago. This happened not only because I now have a 7 year old who’s independence has granted me more freedom. There was another reason. Because I…

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Get visibility as an expert through influencer marketing

Marketing secrets

How personal & direct influencer marketing can help you build the business you dream about I’m going to let you in on a secret about influencer marketing. It’s highly effective and if done consistently (not necessarily perfectly) it will get you into valuable networks and set the stage for your success. This is how you…

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Build your audience faster with influencer outreach

Influencer outreach will fast-track your business growth All business owners need to spend the majority of their time on marketing. Tara McMullin, founder of the What Works community, stated in a virtual conference that 50% of your time should be spent on it. If your prospects primarily come from word-of-mouth than arguably that can jump…

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Finding your own way with list-building

Photo by Karolina Szczur on Unsplash

Is list-building worth the effort for your business? We hear so many mixed things from every marketer about list-building for businesses. About five years ago that’s all anyone would talk about – the importance of your list. Nowadays, many other options for connection exist. Online groups, live conversations, messenger, instant chats on your website with…

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Choosing a guided mentorship program right for your business

Ready to make a radical difference in your business? Almost every culture has a variation of the English saying “two heads are better than one.” Well 3-4 heads might be even better! In any field, your chances of achieving long-term success will increase with strong relationships. Collaboration is the cornerstone of the business world. As…

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The inner game between you and your prosperous business

Creating a prosperous business is simple with a coaching approach Two weeks ago a colleague suggested reading this book – The Prosperous Coach. I receive book suggestions all the time but this time, it felt right. And it felt right now. I found it instantly (a free copy on Scribd) and read it within 48…

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