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How to sell 100k+ offers that make a huge impact on your clients with Kathryn Porritt of Business Bravery

Can you imagine making 100k in one sale? What about 500k, or even a million? I know it might sound crazy - I even squirm a bit when I think about those numbers - but there are practical, attainable ways to position yourself and your expertise at this level. As part of our month on scaling deep, I’m chatting with this week’s guest about making offers worth 100k (and beyond) that allow you to have a huge impact on your clients and really deepen your relationships with them.

Kathryn Porritt is the founder and CEO of Business Bravery, a full strategy and marketing company that helps some of the world’s most exciting entrepreneurs build an extraordinary personal brand and reposition themselves to make 100k, 500k, and million-dollar offers. 

I had to ask Kathryn how she gained the expertise and confidence to promise that outcome for her clients, so she tells us about the key experiences in sales, Public Relations and eCommerce that helped her hone the skills she uses at Business Bravery. We talk about how she helps her clients expand their vision for what’s possible and unwind the mindset blocks that keep them from leveling up.

We also chat about why positioning yourself to make 100k+ offers is just like being a luxury brand and how she closed her own first 100k offer. And we discuss the business model that underpins Business Bravery and how they handpick clients they truly believe in.

I think you’re really going to love this episode - I haven’t stopped thinking about it since the interview! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, so if you want to chat you can drop me a comment on Instagram at @lisaprincic.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Kathryn gained the skills, experience and confidence to start working with clients to develop personal brands and offers over 100k.
  • Why a huge part of Business Bravery’s value is the expanded vision they offer their clients.
  • How Kathryn helps talented people make the jump from smaller offers to offers worth 100k, 500k and even 1 million.
  • What she did to close her own very first 100k offer and why it’s important to be very clear about who you want to work with.
  • Why intimate, supportive relationships with clients are the core of Business Bravery.
  • How Kathryn and her team help clients avoid the trap of big, expensive group programs that don’t offer much personalized support.
  • The first thing you can do if you want to start leveling up your offers. 

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Hey there. I know what it's like to try and fail over and over again. I've been through all the mindset ups and downs, feeling like a failure and wondering why it's so hard to attract amazing clients consistently.

I finally realized, more recently that I'd like to admit, I was still hiding. I was afraid to put my work into the world in case no one wanted it. What I really wanted was for someone to say, "hey you, your stuff is great, come share it with my audience".  Finally I realized that that would never happen, not until I started first.

Putting out my content and message into the world had to begin with me. I  committed to showing up consistently and building my own meaningful relationships. The result? Much more clarity about how to gain visibility and grow my brand. And, of course, THIS PODCAST which I'm thrilled to host!


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