Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall & design your ideal marketing funnel in just 30 days!

If you're a consultant, coach or service-based business who wants to grow, you probably already know you need to be actively finding prospects instead of just waiting for them to find you.

Some people call that marketing!

So I won't get into ALL of the details about the ways you can get more visibility for your amazing services and offers.

Because you've probably tried a lot of marketing tactics already ... and feel overwhelmed about all the choices still in front of you.

Should you do you even more?  Get the answer here ===>>>

Here's what you might not know ...

You're missing out on huge opportunities by doing too many marketing tactics (or none at all). You'll experience ...

Imagine being way more in control of what you earn & when. When you master your marketing plan it will start to work for you and you're on longer at the whim of referrals. It feels SO GOOD to be proactive!

When you've discovered the path to your highest converting offer for the right audience, you don't feel like you're trying to convince everyone to work with you ... which makes selling way more fun!   

You can stop spending time and money on bright shiny marketing tactics, widgets, bots, flywheels (huh?) and all the other things you think you need to do that aren't bringing in any real clients. 

Simplifying your business model and being obsessively focused in your marketing means you can spend more time doing the work you LOVE - getting creative and having CEO days where you work on improving results, for everyone around you!

Do you find yourself in marketing purgatory?

It may sound something like this ...

 🔥 There are too many options! How do I prioritize?
🔥 Which platform is right for me? Do I have to be on all of them?
🔥 Why do I feel I have to keep spending more and more?
🔥 How long do I hang out in a channel before I toss it?
🔥 It's impossible to get seen above all the noise. What should I try next?
🔥 Mass marketing just isn't right for me. Please tell me there's another way!

I understand what feeling stuck and overwhelmed is like. It truly sucks being stopped in our tracks. But that doesn't mean you aren't missing out! There are thousands of clients who want to find you.

You just need to find out what's working and double down on that. NOT add more tactics.

I'll let you in on a secret ...


That's the absolute truth. Small businesses owners of all sizes are completely winging it & chasing one tactic to the next without having any idea about what's bringing in clients ...

OR ... they're increasing their efforts to get more traffic when it's further down the funnel where they're losing leads. Instead of more traffic, they actually need more conversions.

Marketing is very powerful with proper positioning and when you use your strengths.

Fortunately, I've helped hundreds of business owners simplify their marketing and increase their sales. I want to show you how to do that too!

Mark Groleau

Lisa helped me see that the bottleneck existed in my sales sequence. Just days after I tightened up the language, I bumped up the price 15% and sold 7 courses in a couple of weeks! She helped me see that I was giving too much away and didn't need more leads, just a higher conversion rate.

Lisa's process got me immediate results. I'm going to have a record breaking month!

Mark Groleau, Unboring Wedding

Introducing the ...

Scaling Deep Marketing Roadmap

A tool to help you create your unique system that you can count on for consistent leads & growth.

Get one step closer to putting your marketing on autopilot!

A planning system perfect for business owners who'd rather DO THE WORK than market their work. It's ideal for coaches, consultants, online educators, health practitioners & professionals ready to reach the right clients with a focused strategy.

You'll gain access to my exclusive brand-building and marketing system to refine and simplify your offers, map out existing funnels and review and create conversion & sales goals all on your own!

Get the guidance to create your simple marketing system ...

Marketing Roadmap
Marketing funnel

I'm giving away my entire planning system I use with my clients (that I charge $550 for a 90 minute session) for only $47 $27!!! You can get started on this without expensive coaching, right now.

How would life be different if you ...


Didn't only get new clients when one of your past clients raves about you ... or when they magically find you on Google ⁉️

Knew what your best marketing activities were so you could get more support to do them!

Ended the feast or famine cycle of client acquisition and increased your sales naturally!

Could take time away from your business knowing your marketing is still working for you.

Finally had some time to do creative stuff & evolve your business. 

Before you decide to hand it all over and ...

  • Create a brand new funnel
  • Learn the latest tactical hack
  • Follow another guru's step-by-step framework
  • Hire a coach or a full-on marketing agency ...

Start looking at your own data first so you can make a good decision before you invest!

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A simple marketing system that reaches your audience, builds authority & grows your tribe naturally can only be designed by you!


Before I hired Lisa, I was feeling like my business was flatlining. I wanted to re-evaluate my goals, business model, and jump-start a new year designing a business that would grow. This was EXACTLY what I needed. Immediately after working together, I saw a jump in sales, an expansion of my services, and new energy in my business almost immediately. I know I'll refer back to my notes consistently as my business continues to grow.

Lindsay O'Donnell, Piquant Marketing


Lisa helped me simplify and focus. Before we worked together I just kept doubting myself. Now I have the validation and accountability to sell the offers I love & promote them in the way that's right for me.

Jen Price, Copywriter, You So Much

What qualifies me to guide your marketing strategy?

🌟  I value the truth. Numbers never lie. When we add measurement to our intuition, the answers get more clear.
🌟 I go deep to the core of what's not working. I'll never settle for status quo and will go the extra distance to make something effective.
🌟 I really like people. Yes, in all transparency I'm an extravert. And I'd rather move people ahead than make loads of money. I want to help people make money and don't mind doing so myself but I value quality over quantity.
🌟 I've been doing this shit for years! No really, I've tried it all. Absolutely everything out there in the marketing world has been tried by me. Which is why I know it all can work but not by doing it all. We need to choose wisely.

marketing funnnel
Jeremy enns

After hiring Lisa to energize my marketing, I walked away not only with a lot more clarity than I walked in with, but also a roadmap on how to put everything we talked about into action. I left so excited and energized about the direction of my business, and motivated to get to work. I really can't recommend Lisa highly enough!

Jeremy Enns, Counterweight Creative


There are things that I knew I should do and things that I felt I should do, but don't actually need to be doing. This process has helped me to separate what's vital to my business and what's not going to get me clients. It was so helpful!

Stephanie Sirot, Skyscape Consulting

This is the right time for you to build a marketing roadmap if ...

You feel stuck in a cycle of having to say yes to all the prospects who want to work with you. You're not able to pick the best ones because you're not making enough strong connections. 

You truly feel you offer an amazing service to your clients and want to make an even bigger impact.

You want to get more of your content into the world and add more value to your prospects online ... but you're done with trying out every latest marketing tactic. 

You know you need to market consistently and you want to do it effectively, removing all bottlenecks in your marketing funnel, before adding new tactics.

You're not a total newbie to marketing. You've been serving clients successfully for a couple of years or more and tried a number of ways to reach them. Something's working - you're just not sure what. 

You're ready to pull your head out of the sand, stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and make marketing work for you! 


Working with Lisa gave me the clarity I needed. Working with Lisa was hands down, one of the best business/strategy investments I ever made.

Jessica Vazquez, Wealth & Business Coach

Hey! I'm Lisa Princic

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I've been on this entrepreneurial journey for 10 years! I know what it's like to try and fail over and over again. I've been through all the ups and downs including wondering why it's so hard to attract good clients consistently.

Trust me, I've used all the excuses - I live in a small town, I need a healthy lifestyle and it's not all about the money. While all of those are true, I was still hiding. I was afraid to commit 100% to showing up with my message. What I really wanted was for someone to say, "Hey, your stuff is great, come share it with my audience!".  Finally I realized that would never happen, not until I put it out there.

When I realized I was the only one holding myself back, things changed.

Now I'm fiercely committed to helping impact-driven entrepreneurs communicate their value and get it into the world with simple marketing so they can grow a business with purpose. Let simplicity & focus guide you.

You can grow online by getting your message in front of the right people, in the right mean. That doesn't mean hustling around the clock. It can mean doing less!

Guarantee seal

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Say what?

It's not easy to understand if a digital product is right for you just by reading a sale page. I get it!

I'm a big believer in doing the work. It's not the easy stuff or quick fixes that will make or break a business. It takes deep knowledge and commitment. This is the tool that will give you the best chance to know, confirm and commit.

Keep this tool in your back pocket and review it every 3-6 months and your marketing will be on fire.

However, not all great minds think alike and I want to feel satisfied that this is what you need right now. That's why I'm offering a 14 day full money back guarantee. All I ask is that you write in with the reason why it's not right for you so I can keep improving it.