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Pia Silva co-owns Worstofall Designs with her husband Steve. They build Badass Brands without the BS in 1-2 day intensives.

Over the last 1.5 years, they’ve transitioned to be more and more focused on creating and selling digital courses because she’s built a big audience and it’s way more scalable.

Pia moves quickly and loves marketing so she’s practically done it all in the last few years.

While she’s been quite successful, she’s the first to admit that she did it all the wrong way. Spending months creating a unique course, not developing the marketing platform and then - we all know what happens next -  launching to crickets and spending the next 9 months building an audience to sell it to …

After success with their intensives, they quickly looked into the course model because they love starting new things. And they also were constantly getting on the phone with people who only had a few thousand dollars to spend so that’s how they went from being an agency serving larger projects to offering these 1-2 days Brand-Up intensives.

As those rates started creeping up, again and became out of reach for people, (like $10, $15 and $20k) they moved to a one-to-many model.

She’s a huge fan of Rich Dad Poor Dad and after reading that book realized they needed an income producing asset. That was part of the motivation for evolving their model to selling online courses.

At first, she was nervous that her clients wouldn’t get as much value out of it. But then she realized that her clients got a different kind of value from implementing the steps themselves that they didn’t get when the brand work was done for them.

They went about all the course stuff all wrong. She did it exactly how people said not to do it. They spent 6 months not working with clients nor doing any marketing, just developing the course. Because they wanted it to be unique and special.

When they finally sent out a few emails they didn’t get any sales. She finally hustled to get 14 people in it mostly highly discounted.

Then she started marketing and hustling in earnest. She did a huge in-person event that cost thousands of dollars and only sold two courses (but got lots of one-on-one clients from it).

Later that year they hired an expensive coach, invested thousands of dollars on Facebook ads and finally 9 months later the course started converting.

So it was a 1.5-year journey to getting traction. And she started it on evergreen. By that point, she had so much content out there course sales trickled in every day.

Fast forward three years later (now) she redid the course because she finally got the right marketing and the course no longer matched the marketing.

Talk about backwards.

But she’s truly an entrepreneur at heart. Her attitude always was, “people do it, I’ve seen it work, so I’m going to keep doing it until it works.”

“You can’t fail if you don’t stop trying.”

Here are some nuggets I got out of our chat:

  • You need to have a profitable model first before you can invest your time and money into creating a product business.
  • Doing the process themselves through courses can give owners a different strength in their business.
  • Really good content in a course allows people to get different pieces from it. It’s not our job to give them exactly what the answers are. Context and stories are important for their learning.
  • You have to show up with content in order to build credibility to get any bigger publicity gigs.
  • Investing in support helps us learn to do things faster and see things from a third party perspective. It also increases our commitment to making things good and making them work.

She also talks about how working with her husband has forced them into doing personal development work together and separately. As a result, they have a better relationship and are really great communicators.

She’s really excited to get through this launch and get back to what she loves doing which is creating content and marketing.

What Mastery means to Pia:

Staying focused and constantly improving on that focus.

Pia’s Core message:

Focus on what you love that makes you the most profit, say no to everything else (it's hard but that's why we call it badass branding!).

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