Ready to Get Noticed with a Simple Marketing System that Brings Ideal Clients to YOU?

I'll help you create a simple funnel designed to reach your audience, build authority & grow your business!

(Without any marketing BS!)

If you're a consultant, coach or service-based business who wants to scale & increase your impact, you probably already know you need to be actively getting in front of your prospects instead of just waiting for them to find you.

So I won't get into ALL of the details about reaching more prospects, list-building and all the ways you can share your amazing work with the world.

After all, you probably already know that you're leaving money by not reaching more people who could benefit from working with you.

Here's what you might not know ...

When you simplfy your marketing system you will...

Show Up Consistently

When your plan is clear, you'll show up like a pro. This positions you as an expert in no time. This is when your prospects, past clients, and peers will notice opening up a world of opportunity. 

Grow Your List Organically

It doesn't take creating something new every week to develop a simple funnel to draw people in to the value you offer. All you need is your marketing foundations. 

Build Valuable Relationships

Showing up valuable content, even in just ONE place, will help you make connections with people who can put you in front of their larger audiences. 

Reap the Benefits of Your Efforts!

Once you have a simple marketing system that you can see working, you'll enjoy the engagement you're creating. This will build your CONFIDENCE And make all aspects of your business more fun for you. More leads = more clients. Which means you can work with only the BEST people who come to your door!

Mark Groleau

Lisa helped me see that the bottleneck existed in my sales sequence. Just days after I tightened up the language, I bumped up the price 15% and started selling 1 course every day! She helped me see that I was giving too much away and didn't need more leads, just a higher conversion rate.

Lisa's process got me immediate results. I've now had 3 record breaking months in a row ... and it's my slow season!

Mark Groleau, Unboring Wedding

Even though the motivation to market consistently is probably quite clear, the way to do it that's right for YOU, isn't always obvious.

Let me guess! Here are some of the thoughts going through your head ...

🔥 There are too many options! How do I prioritize?
🔥 Which platform is right for me? Do I have to be on all of them?
🔥 Should I be doing ads?
🔥 What is worth the time & money?
🔥 How long do I hang out in a channel before I toss it?
🔥 How do I get in front other peoples audiences?
🔥 It's impossible to get seen above all the noise.
🔥 Mass marketing just doesn’t work for me!

I know what feeling stuck and overwhelmed feels like. There are way too many choices to sort through. Doing it on your own is hard.

But that doesn't mean you aren't missing out. There are thousands of clients who want to find you. 

You just need to someone else to guide you through your own simple marketing plan.

I'll let you in on a secret ...

The more simple your marketing plan is, the more successful you will be!

Marketing is not an all or nothing game. There is a way to show up and create valuable connection within your current capacity.

But it's not what the marketers want you to know. They WANT you to think you have to be everywhere & invest in every tactic. They've tricked you into thinking that you shoud see immediate results.

But marketing is actually a long game. It's about commitment, consistency and confidence and it works better if you keep it simple, and keep it real. Like the person you are!

Let me show you how to make it work for you, without spending all your money on contractors or ads and without pulling your hair out ... and walking away!


When we hired Lisa we wanted strategies that we could apply to our businesses immediately - a quick turnaround and measurable results. We didn’t want any fluff. With her help we were able to focus on a direction and very clear business goals that matched our values and desired lifestyle.

Leah Mulleda, Laneway Media

Introducing ...

The Simple Marketing Workshop

A small group marketing planning intensive for online entrepreneurs who want an easy system to build their audience and bring in strong leads.

Are you ready to be more proactive about reaching the right clients ... without using expensive tactics?

If you've tried everything and found it costly and time-consuming & yield little results, you're in the right place. I'm going to help you create an easy, yet effective plan to help you create the right relationships, content and funnel to grow your business naturally ...

... so you can get back to doing more of your zone of genius work.

I want you to feel confident in your plan. So confident you're excited to start showing up immediately.

You'll walk away with:

🌟  Clarity on the clearest path to the best clients for you.

📍 Pin-pointing the biggest gaps & broken links in your current system.

🚗  A simple & effective sales funnel that builds your list & client base.

💛  A content roadmap that commits you to showing up consistently.

✍️  Tools to help you leverage your wisdom and get in from of other's audiences.

And more confidence than you've ever had before to get out there with your message!



There are things that I knew I should do and things that I felt I should do, but don't actually need to be doing. This process has helped me to separate what's vital to my business and what's not going to get me clients. It was so helpful!

Stephanie Sirot, Skyscape Consulting


Lisa helped me simplify and focus. Before the workshop I just kept doubting myself. She gave me the validation and accountability to do it.

Jen Price, Copywriter, You So Much

Here's what we'll cover ...

Pre-workshop:  Positioning & Marketing Assessment

Part 1:  How to Create a Converting Funnel

Part 2:  Building Your Marketing Foundations/Assets

Part 3:  Designing Your Marketing Roadmap/System

Part 4:  Mapping Out Your 3 Month & 30 Day Visibility Plan

Throughout the workshop you'll get guided, on-the-spot support from me and the other participants. I promise it'll be light on training and heavy on workshopping so you can walk out with your unique plan!

Join the next online workshop on Tues, October 27, 2020
(9:00am-12:00 pm PT)

We'll meet on Zoom! Sign up today and you'll get live, personalized support and access to any additional tools and templates you need including:

Online, real-time hands-on workshop in a small group (max 10 participants) format ($695).

Strategic feedback from me on your personalized plan ($550).

Access to my tool, templates and other resources ($200).

(That's a total value of $1,445!) 

For a one-time payment of $695 USD!

For an introductory offer of only $375 USD!

(If you sign up by Oct 21)

This workshop is perfect for you if ...

You're a coach, consultant or service practitioner who isn't using your skills, experience and capabilities to their full potential. You have capacity for more ideal clients!

You feel stuck in a cycle of having to say yes to all the prospects who want to work with you. You're not able to pick the best ones. 

You truly feel you offer an amazing service to your clients and want to make an even bigger impact.

You want to get more of your content into the world and add more value to your prospects online ... like a pro.

You're willing to put a time into attracting more of the right kind of prospects to your brand.

You know you need to market consistently and you just need some guidance. 

You'd love to build an audience so you can feel more confident creating and selling group programs!

If any of the above resonate with you then I can't wait to welcome you to the workshop!


Working with Lisa gave me the clarity I needed. Working with Lisa was hands down, one of the best business/strategy investments I ever made.

Jessica Vazquez, Wealth & Business Coach

Jeremy enns

After hiring Lisa to energize my marketing, I walked away not only with a lot more clarity than I walked in with, but also a roadmap on how to put everything we talked about into action. I left so excited and energized about the direction of my business, and motivated to get to work. I really can't recommend Lisa highly enough!

Jeremy Enns, Counterweight Creative


Before I hired Lisa, I was feeling like my business was flatlining. I wanted to re-evaluate my goals, business model, and jump-start a new year designing a business that would grow. This was EXACTLY what I needed. Immediately after working together, I saw a jump in sales, an expansion of my services, and new energy in my business almost immediately. I know I'll refer back to my notes consistently as my business continues to grow.

Lindsay O'Donnell, Piquant Marketing