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Why guest podcasting is your best visibility strategy in 2020 with Brigitte Lyons

Like many of us, my business has been shaken up a bit this year. I was really looking forward to attending a bunch of conferences and connecting with awesome people to grow my business, but of course that had to get pushed back. However, I have been doing a lot more of the next best thing: guesting on other people’s podcasts. I think going on other people’s podcasts is a winning strategy for seriously boosting your visibility this year and beyond.

To talk all about the power of podcast pitching this week we’re joined by Brigitte Lyons, the founder of Podcast Ally. Podcast Ally helps CEOs, authors and thought leaders grow their audiences and get leads by booking podcast interviews on top-rated shows.

Brigitte’s story of coming up with the idea for Podcast Ally is only topped by the big leap she took to make it real. In this episode we dig into why becoming a podcast pitching agency was such a great business move and the excellent results her clients have seen so far. She also describes her business model and what is really working for her employees, her clients, and her own zone of genius.

We also talk about Brigitte’s journey to building this business and, best of all, she shares some really helpful tips for finding the podcasts in your industry that you absolutely need to be pitching.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Brigitte transitioned from courses to a PR agency and finally to her current business, a podcast pitching service.
  • Why she hired a full-time employee right off the bat when she established her PR agency.
  • How Brigitte decided to take a leap, completely rebrand her business and pivot into exclusively doing podcast pitching for clients.
  • The huge revenue and relationship benefits she sees for her clients when they make podcasting a core part of their business strategy.
  • What she did to stick the landing as she transitioned into a new type of service.
  • Brigitte’s top five podcast pitching shortcuts, including how to dramatically increase the visits to your site after appearing on a podcast.

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Hey there. I know what it's like to try and fail over and over again. I've been through all the mindset ups and downs, feeling like a failure and wondering why it's so hard to attract amazing clients consistently.

I finally realized, more recently that I'd like to admit, I was still hiding. I was afraid to put my work into the world in case no one wanted it. What I really wanted was for someone to say, "hey you, your stuff is great, come share it with my audience".  Finally I realized that that would never happen, not until I started first.

Putting out my content and message into the world had to begin with me. I  committed to showing up consistently and building my own meaningful relationships. The result? Much more clarity about how to gain visibility and grow my brand. And, of course, THIS PODCAST which I'm thrilled to host!


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