When’s the last time you felt good enough?


You must be extremely gifted or know the right people to be successful in business, right?  Wrong.

Making it is all about luck or connections, right?  Wrong.

Many entrepreneurs think there is no formula for creating a successful business. Instead they believe they must either be extremely gifted or lucky.

That feeling can be exacerbated after years of struggling and losing hope of ever gaining consistent momentum. Does the thought of your business ever running without you seem like a pipe dream?

This is when people want to quit – throw all of their learnings away and head back to the day job. It is sad for me to see because we are all meant to do something powerful, purposeful and that helps us lead a bigger life. Starting a business based on that passion is good for your soul and the world.

I want to debunk the myth about what it takes to be successful, explain why it’s more than having a gift or talent, luck or connections. It’s an approach.

Being an entrepreneur means never giving up but it also means listening and constant tweaking.

First, stop comparing. If you are truly present when you are doing what you are meant to do in this world without looking at the progress of every other superstar entrepreneur, you’d probably be stoked about what you’ve achieved. We get caught up in everyone else’s journey and usually always compare up to those who have, for this moment, hit their stride.

This habit, which I call comparison shopping, will quash your creativity. Besides, no one who’s made it tells you about all the hard work they put into their business before it got easier. They tell you about the transition to greatness not all the shit before that.

Success as an entrepreneur is about figuring out what you are missing in your business model with a curious mind. Imagine if you approached what’s not working with a imagination and curiousity instead of judgement, frustration and anxiety? How much closer would you be to getting your solution dialled? Start looking objectivity at your situation. Fill those major business model gaps. Get lots of help.

It’s also about perseverance, playing around with your offering until you land on something that resonates with your tribe. If you are even slightly off about your product, price-point, messaging or even the actual customer who is ready to buy from you, you could be missing out on all that success that’s right there if only you kept looking. Entrepreneurs on fire never give up and always keep learning and experimenting until they get it right.

And then there is love – staying true to manifesting the gift you have because it brings you joy & fulfillment. That gets you closer to love – love for yourself and for everyone. I see so many powerful entrepreneurs who reveal their soul and share their stories. And we love them!

What is your personal manifesto? Maybe it’s time to create your personal manifesto to add fuel for reaching your business goals. Get clear on what you stand for and the journey can turn from pain to bliss.

For inspiration, I will leave you with mine.

Love openly. Show your feelings all the time.
Look silly. Be strong.
Ask for what you want.
Remember it’s all an experiment.
Do the hard things first.
Nap when tired.
Risk, risk, risk.
Don’t be afraid to work hard.
Don’t be afraid to take breaks.
Stop going to things I don’t like because I think I should like them.
Go to more things that I know are fun and energize me.
Think for myself. Don’t be afraid to speak my truth. Whatever that may be …

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Lisa Princic is a Business Strategist & Membership Expert who helps thought leaders & niche experts build wildly successful memberships while making a positive impact. She helps entrepreneurs scale with powerful positioning & profitable programs designed around their zone of genius. A staunch believer in simplicity, Lisa helps her clients accomplish their goals by focusing on what to do AND what to ignore.

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