You can reach your 6 figure revenue this year!

So you stop worrying about what you are earning. And be confident, strong & a positive influence in the world.

The Soul Strategy Members Club is accepting applications!

You are super passionate about growing your business. You've been working so hard at doing everything it takes find the right product for the right market. 

You are ambitious, successful and since catching that entrepreneurial bug you won’t ever stop.

But it needs to get easier ... and fast.

You are getting tired, frustrated, unfocused ...  and running out of steam.

Constantly making shifts and second guessing your branding, target audience, offers and marketing is taking up so much of your time and energy. It causes you to flip-flop from tactic to tactic.

Doubt has been creeping in more and more lately and you don't want to spend more time on mindset stuff!

You truly want to be your BEST self and deliver the
BEST value to your clients!

It's time to spend more time on creating, refining and implementing your
6 figure growth plan.

When you replace the feeling of overwhelm with clarity,
you will get the revenue you need to live with abundance &
always inline with your values.


Sticking with long-term support from someone who knows you and is invested in your success will help you get from idea to real change and better outcomes faster. 

There are two kinds of support that give me the most value in my business (I am not exaggerating here!!):

The right mentorship

Smart tools that that can be applied right away. New strategies, ways of thinking about how you invest your time and position your value. The mentorship that helped me understand my business model & brand positioning was a game-changer.

Peer validation & feedback

Intelligent, wise and business savvy peers to further mastermind my ideas. This is what will keep you wise and making smart, efficient decisions. I don’t doubt the feedback I get from my peer masterminders. That energy launches my big ideas!

When these mentors and peers know my brand, the value I receive from their feedback is priceless. It’s caused me to pivot when something is not working and instantly earn from that move. The precise move that I wasn’t able to see on my own.

And that's why I created the Soul Strategy Members Club! To combine coaching, training and peer mentorship all in one place. At a level you can afford.

Still not sure?

Here's what reaching your revenue goals can do for you:

  • allow you to take time off to dive into your personal journey; be it spiritual growth, travel, taking care of family of friends, or investing in your chief cause
  • help you feel more secure and peaceful not worrying about what's next
  • have more balance each month, week and even each day!
  • hire people who can relieve you of undesirable tasks and support people and communities you love
  • give back regularly to the causes you care about
  • take care of your body mind and soul with healthy choices
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Since I began working with Lisa, I have realized that my old business model was broken, and that I actually didn’t want to fix it. Instead I am creating a business that is first built on my values so that I can attract what fits and not just what’s easy and available.

I am grateful for my aha moments, a direct result of Lisa encouraging me to go deeper. I am finally excited about what the future holds.

Karen Bannister, Entrepreneur Mom Now

Get the freedom you desire with consistent
mentorship & a plan

All you need is a strong focus that enhances your purpose and consistent action.

And that's what you will get here ...

Join the Soul Strategy Members Club with other freedom and impact-driven business owners like you. It’s an online forum designed to deliver business changing strategy consistently.

It’s worth thousands of dollars in business growth because that’s what you are going to be able to achieve from being in it.


You will get the kind of training that will make a difference in all that you do including:

Developing the business model that's right for you.

Positioning yourself at the right place in the market to attract the right clients.

Making SALES right away (you will love my sales challenge!)

Pinpointing the systems & support you can’t live without.

Shortcuts for creating captivating branding & messaging that converts.

Knowing how to create & price offers that sell.

Mindset development so you feel confident launching now.

Feeling supported & loved.

I am helping people build very successful online & local businesses and I want to relay all that I learn to you! I will be fully engaged in this group and offering my feedback, making connections and updating you with the latest strategies that will help you soar. I will screen out the noise and give you what you need most.

I will get to know your business intimately and others will too. There will be ongoing accountability and encouragement for pursuing your dream.


(initial membership is open to only 15 people)


"Lisa helped us add value to what we currently offer our clients without having to hustle which is what our competitors are doing."

She helped us dig deep to find out how we could be necessary and feel really good about how we service our customers. We create a new online product - a system they can plug into and that we can refer to and help them get further along in their marketing. We didn’t want any fluff. With Lisa's help we were able to focus on a direction and very clear business goals that matched our values and desired lifestyle.  

Leah Mulleda, Laneway Media,

Hitting your big goal requires inspiration to act, validation for your ideas,
and confidence from knowing your value

Here are some of the things you will get from joining this guided group of savvy, wise entrepreneurs:

Live Q & A 

Two live strategy and coaching calls per month (with Q&A and hotseats). They will be recorded so you can ask questions in advance & watch later.

Monthly Training

Monthly themed training bundles. All my latest research including behind the scenes access to my own business development.

Responsive Coaching

Ask questions on your own schedule. Get a response on my schedule. You'll always get a response!

Business Strategy

Access to all the steps I take my one-on-one client through.  


Meet and develop relationships with entrepreneurs who are building 6 figure businesses & beyond.


Weekly accountability check-ins so you get closer to your goal.

“But Lisa, I am a part of so many other groups and they are free”.

Yes, and so am I and how well are they working for you? When it comes to earning more revenue and developing strong relationships with a small group of people who you really admire, free groups don’t always deliver.  There is no one there paying attention to your progress. No commitment to your getting money and time's worth. 

The Soul Strategy Members Club will be different! 

Even paid for groups full of hundreds or thousands of people don’t help you develop connections for consistent accountability and feedback from the host.

This is more than a group, it's a mastermind tailored to you. 

Good advice and deep connections is not the norm and you have to spend A LOT of time in them to fish through the info you need and make connections that are real!

I know you don’t have that time!

This is a perfect way to receive ongoing coaching support.

This is your one-stop shop for growth, support, leadership and vision!

Which is why I am curating a group of people who will be a good match for you! This is going to be a small group. An online mastermind to foster growth & engagement. The value of this is worth $300 per month. I am offering at early rate at this time only. 

You are invited to apply to this group at an introductory rate of only
$75 USD (~$100 CAD) per month!

(The value of this support normally goes for at least $300.)


Lock-in to this Founding Member pricing for six months!

As a licensed Quiet Power Strategy™ business strategist, I've completed an intensive apprenticeship under business strategist and thought leader Tara Gentile. I use Quiet Power Strategy™ coaching tools that have been used with thousands of entrepreneurs running businesses of every single type. I combine those tools with ongoing training on business models, branding, copywriting and marketing to deliver the most effective, customized strategies for each and every client.

If you are ready to cut through the fog and get a clear, effective strategy with experienced support you will love your personalized Quiet Power Strategy™.