Do you ever wonder how coaches & consultants build enough momentum in their business to get quickly beyond the inconsistent startup phase?

As a natural connector with a background in sales, Michael Knouse has done a great job building relationships to bring in ideal clients.

We talked about how many prospects he needed to speak with per week in order to meet his financial goals. And how hard it was to begin selling essentially himself in the beginning, despite having 14 years of software sales experience.

And how he finally moved from being a "hobbyist entrepreneur" into a real business owner when he was challenged by a friend & mentor to go out for 3-6 months and have conversations with people where he could add value. He set himself a challenge to have 100 conversations and practice serving before selling. He got to about 68 and stopped because that focused concerted effort paid off!

One of the core elements for scaling a service business is having a unique process. As a visionary it can be hard to spend the energy to create a tight process that can get a results for clients over and over again. I've had to rely on hiring others to get support to map out my framework - both people that I pay and peers and mentors.

Michael's all about living an adventurous lifestyle and outsmarting the hustle so now he has to do different things in order to have more freedom while still hitting his revenue goals.

Some of the highlights include:

  • The trade-offs we face when being driven by lifestyle and reaching bigger goals in our business.
  • The importance of having a unique process for getting your clients consistent results. Which is essential in order to scale a coaching or consulting business beyond one-to-one offers.
  • How it's easy to get distracted by hustling for new clients and miss serving your current and past clients - the ones who are most likely to buy from you again.

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I finally realized, more recently that I'd like to admit, I was still hiding. I was afraid to put my work into the world in case no one wanted it. What I really wanted was for someone to say, "hey you, your stuff is great, come share it with my audience".  Finally I realized that that would never happen, not until I started first.

Putting out my content and message into the world had to begin with me. I  committed to showing up consistently and building my own meaningful relationships. The result? Much more clarity about how to gain visibility and grow my brand. And, of course, THIS PODCAST which I'm thrilled to host!

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