What they say ... without much prodding!

Widow Squad

"I can't say enough good things about Lisa, our amazing membership business coach. She played a crucial role in helping us merge three separate businesses into one powerhouse. Lisa truly understood the nuances involved in this task and provided us with invaluable guidance.

What sets Lisa apart is her personalized approach. She took the time to understand our unique challenges and goals, tailoring her advice specifically for us. Her dedication and support throughout building our membership were absolutely priceless.

If you're looking for a membership business coach who gets what it takes to run a successful membership, I can't recommend Lisa enough. She's a game-changer!"

Melissa Pierce, The Widow Squad

Getting support from Lisa & members inside the Society has been invaluable. I’m learning to quickly recover from business experiments, become much more visible and invite my audience to join the membership every other month vs. once per year!

I’ve been able to grow my monthly income, and gain clarity on the value of my program so I can better serve my students, and enhance new & old marketing strategies!

Marian Fridman, Drawing Decoded


Working with Lisa made all the difference in helping me focus on what I should include in my membership how to spend my time which helped to speed up my time to launch.

I was really unclear about my launch plan and the help I got from Lisa as well as insights from the others members of the Scaling Deep Society made a big difference.

I had a very successful webinar launch! It was well attended and have enrolled a number of founding members and am now getting ready to let the next cohort in.


I certainly gained confidence, direction and a much clearer vision. I appreciate Lisa's business guidance and pointing out what my role as a life coach + guide is. I also found her experience in steering towards hope and desire rather than resolving past issues very valuable. (Big time observed, noted and locked in!)

I have a much clearer vision now of how my path will look like in the long term and what my options are when I'm ready to scale. This also awakens my money ambitions and opens up possibilities to grow my business. Truly priceless. “Gather people for change” is something that ignites a big spark within me, it feels like initiating a true movement.

I am truly humbled and thankful for our paths to have crossed. Thank you for being so committed!

Alja Bjerk, Life Coach

Alja Bjerk

I worked with Lisa to revamp my brand messaging and she gave me tons of insight that led to an important shift in my business.
Within 6 months after working together, I was able to double the members in my program and increase my member retention.
Andrea Jones, Savvy Social School

Before my strategy session with Lisa my head was swirling around with lots of ideas and uncertainty about which direction to take my business in.

Lisa's depth of knowledge about business models, marketing, and messaging was critical to helping me formulate a new program that will help my clients take their speaking to the next level, while levelling up my own leadership as well.

I came away from our sessions with a clear plan, the next steps I needed to take, and confidence that this is the right path for me.

The best part was the a-ha's I had as we were talking, the realizations of what I wanted my business model to be and how I needed to show up.

It was well worth the investment, as I know it will pay off many times over!

Carol Cox, Speaking Your Brand


When I started working with Lisa, I had felt scattered in my business as I had gone through a lot of personal evolution in a short period of time.

I saw myself serving several groups of people and had many ideas for how to help people in each of those groups. My messaging was not clear as a result. Lisa's approach required a lot of reflective work up front and provided the organization I needed to get clearer about who I would serve and how I would best help them.

I knew that clearer messaging would be key to helping me move forward and our strategy session helped me do just that. I'm excited to move forward with this new energy in my business!

Ashwini Nayak, Physician, Life & Leadership Coach, Speaker

Lisa is an amazing coach and business mentor. As the CEO of a 7 figure wellness business in NYC, I'm always looking to surround myself with intelligent, honest, positive, and critically-minded people who can help level up my business.

When I started working with Lisa, I had a ton of ideas and enthusiasm but no clear direction or path on where to start, which felt overwhelming. In working with Lisa over the last year, I've been able to confidently choose my path forward, make huge progress on epic projects (opening next locations of my business, starting a line of products, rebranding my business, overhauling my website, and making some life changing hires), and I honestly did get to where I hoped to go!

I have much more confidence in my direction, and made so much more progress than I would have otherwise thanks to Lisa's accountability, organization, and ideas. Lisa is knowledgeable, kind, has genuine interest, and has a willingness to give honest advice, critical and important feedback, and share resources, which is so generous and truly invaluable. I highly recommend working with her!

Rachel Beider, Press Modern Massage

Rachel Beider

I booked a Business Design session with Lisa because I was feeling like my business was flatlining. I wanted to re-evaluate my goals, business model, and jump-start a new year.

My session was EXACTLY what I needed. I saw a jump in sales, an expansion of my services, and new energy in my business almost immediately. She gave me some great ideas, connections, and most importantly, accountability. I know I'll refer back to our notes consistently as my business continues to grow.

Lindsay O'Donnell, Piquant Marketing

After hiring Lisa for a one-day intensive coaching session regarding my marketing and messaging, I walked away not only with a lot more clarity than I walked in with, but also a roadmap on how to put everything we talked about into action. Beyond that, I left so excited and energized about the direction of my business, and motivated to get to work. I really can't recommend Lisa highly enough!
Jeremy Enns, Counterweight Creative

Jeremy Enns

One year after working with Lisa, I get 3-5 discovery calls per month and 2-3 become clients. That’s a 50-60% conversion rate. And now I’m starting to get referrals!

The moment I started working with Lisa I had clarity - I realized I was ashamed of what I did. I believed in what I did but if I didn’t have the courage to step up and tell people that I did, it wouldn’t work.

I’d been in business for a whole year and I wasn’t getting any clients. I was trying to base my business on other people’s business models - working with lawyers for referrals that would feed me.

I realized I don’t have to be dependent on other people to get my business up and running. It had to come from me. That gave me the confidence to make changes and speak to people about it freely.

My website wasn’t converting at all. Lisa very quickly and efficiently helped me to structure it and change the language. I learned how to set up discovery calls and reconstruct my packages.

The moment we did that, within a month I started getting clients. And I didn’t have to sell them on what I was doing because my offers & pricing on my website were so clear.

Lisa helped me to think differently. You can’t take that back. She gave me confidence. If I didn’t have the confidence and clarity of what I was doing, I wouldn’t have reached out to my business partner for a new business we’re growing that has an even larger vision: giving people going through divorce more holistic support.

Lisa was easy to work with, I never felt stressed I didn’t have to go against who I was. I was being pushed out of my comfort zone but not far enough to quit.

Madhu Kanwar, Elixir Consulting 

Lisa opened up a whole new world for me, allowing me to look at my business strategy as profitable and sustainable for years to come. With her honesty, fearlessness, encouragement and guidance, she helped me change the way the studio runs from all angles.

She challenged me to create revenue goal that surpassed my expectations and I achieved by year end! She also helped me understand the breakdown of my revenue and expenses. I now have a system for tracking and forecasting my financials.
With her help I created a more productive environment by automating my whole registration, payment and communications system. With all this time savings, I’m getting back into the part of the business that I love most!

She has allowed my business to continue to grow rapidly at a successful and manageable rate. Working with Lisa, is by far one of the best choices I've made for my business and also my personal well being.

Sara Constantin, Owner, Squamish Dance Centre

sara SDC

Matt Walker, Matt Walker Adventure

Working with Lisa made a big difference in my business immediately. She helped me strategically shaping the business that I want which is giving me so much fulfillment and lots of success!

Lisa helped me redesign my offers in the form of an online service for my clients. I am now concentrating my efforts on building a solid program that will help lots of women while making recurring revenue.

I’m feeling SO good about where my business is headed.  It’s so nice to stop, think, and make a GOOD plan.

Roxanne Carne, Personal Stylist, RC Style Guide

Roxanne Carne

Jessica Vazquez, Jessica Vazquez Coaching


"I am feeling like there is something new in my business again. I am excited and challenged! I had a vision and Lisa helped me to get there!"
When I first hired Lisa, I was losing interest, bored and uninspired. I’d been doing it for 10 years. I felt there was not much inside me anymore and needed someone from outside to help me out. I knew there was still money in the business.

I had lots of success home-staging in the Chinese market but the competition was getting so high! I wanted to expand but didn’t have the confidence to reach English speaking clients.

Lisa pushed me to go hard and set goals using a fresh perspective. The most important thing that happened is that she opened up my mind to taking my business in a new direction.

We worked a lot on my website messaging which is critical to my success. I am now getting 60% of new clients from non-Chinese backgrounds. And my clients feel so confident that their house is going to sell because of my work.

Zoe Zhang, Zoeit Staging Inc.

"Lisa helped us add value to what we currently offer our clients without having to hustle which is what our competitors are doing."

She helped us dig deep to find out how we could be necessary and feel really good about how we service our customers.

We are really excited about our new online product that helps our customers reach their goals. We’ve created a system with value that they can plug into and that we can refer to and help them get further along in their marketing.

What we like about Lisa is that she’s very business oriented. We wanted strategies that we could apply to our businesses immediately - a quick turnaround and measurable results. We didn’t want any fluff. With her help we were able to focus on a direction and very clear business goals that matched our values and desired lifestyle.

Leah Mulleda & Jill Paradiso, Laneway Media


"I’ve gone from chasing high maintenance clients to only working with those clients brands who I can help take to the next level."

The biggest outcome I got from working with Lisa was respecting the time I put into my work. I now have more client turnover, higher quality projects and bigger paycheques!

I know 100% that I am making money when I sit down at my computer, which I wasn’t doing consistently before. I now have the confidence to track all of my time and attract the kinds of customers who are happy to pay for all of the time it takes to make their brand a leading one.

I am focused on subject matter that I am truly passionate about - helping business owners who are making positive changes in their industries and communities. These are the people who are moving from being followers to leaders.

Leisa Johnson, The Lovely Studio

Since I started working with Lisa in less than a year I moved from being a freelancer to running a marketing agency, gone from 20 little clients to fewer big ones, have already doubled my revenue and I am projecting to triple my revenue from last year to this year.

I don’t work in the evenings and weekends anymore at all. I go to bed early enough so I can get up and work out in the morning and I get to do things like coach my son's basketball team and I'm learning to play the guitar with him. None of this would have been possible last year.

Ryan Smith, Wealth Copy

MK Fleming

Ten years of Wall Street experience taught me that marketing is the most important investment you can make. Ten minutes as an entrepreneur taught me how hard that investment actually is to make.

As a vision-driven founder, I make important decisions all day long. The most important ones start and end with Lisa's counsel. Her judgment is sound, her experience is unparalleled and her advice is effective. Most of the independent marketing professionals I have encountered left corporate jobs with large budgets and their experience did not scale down to my original budget much less my audience.

Lisa met me where I was at, showed me how much I had to work with, and we've been scaling deep ever since. In the four months we have worked together, my paying client base has increased 35%; our original investment in Lisa has paid for itself several times over. Hire her while you can - she's part of our 5-year plan and we intend to take her off the market by 2024.

MK Fleming, Fitness Protection Program

"I’m feeling REALLY good about the direction I’m going in, and I’m super clear and confident about my value, my messaging, and my new brand."

I’m getting a fantastic response from my community and am already seeing new clients from the work I did with Lisa in only a few short weeks. I appreciated her strong, unflinching guidance and her brilliant zeroing in on my REAL authentic position/USP/messaging. I’m really starting to hum now and I have Lisa to thank!

Jason Sugar, Coach


"Working with Lisa has allowed me to implement strategies I knew I should but needed that extra push as well as the encouragement that it was the right choice."
I knew I was ready to make some changes in my business, get clear on my vision and redefine my value proposition. The timing was perfect and I was ready to get to work! 
I'm super excited about what the future holds. I am super excited to see where my business can go with her strategic guidance!
Vairdy Frail, Vairdy Photography

"Lisa did more than hold me accountable to my goals – she made me realize that in order to go deeper and become more sustainable I would I have to allow my business to transform."

I am a goal-setting, vision boarding, kick-my-own-butt-into-gear kind of gal, so I never really thought I needed a coach. And, like any woman on a mission, I have trouble asking for help. I have worked with coaches in the past, and I have gotten a lot from the experience, but this time was different. This time, I wasn’t questioning where I wanted to go or how I was going to get there – I realized that I was doing exactly what I wanted to do and I was exactly where I wanted to be…and that scared the heck out of me!

I kept asking myself when will the other shoe drop?

My goal was simple (or so I thought): to deepen my own practice and make my business more sustainable. In other words, figure out how to hold onto that awesome feeling you get when you are doing exactly what you love! Now came the tricky part – holding my business up to that darn mirror…

Transformation. That’s it, that’s what I was afraid of. I had finally arrived at a place in my career where I felt safe, valued and respected…and I wanted to hold onto that. But I soon realized that the part of my business that I loved the most was pioneering into new territory: learning new skills, meeting new people and allowing my perspectives to change.

Megan Sheldon, Narrative Communications


"Lisa 'got' me immediately, and got my desire to build a business that would financially sustain me, but also have an impact."
I was feeling a little lost in making clear decisions on how to position my business--and I didn't realize how stuck I'd gotten, at some level hoping someone else would make those decisions.

She helped guide me to answers that came from within, and aligned with a growth plan. It felt like a big jump to hire her, but it was what got me to the other side of where I'd been stuck for so long and I am am now moving forward with so much confidence and power.
I really am in a whole new place after working Lisa for only three months. It's been hard but so wonderful.
Mia Scharphie, Creative Agency

"Lisa teaches me to find my own unique place in this world so I can attract the right people to my business."

When I first became an entrepreneur I just wanted to be busy and earn money. I needed the constant influx of clients to prove to myself that I had made the right choice. I let other people define me.

Since our work together began, I have realized that my old business model was broken, and that I actually didn't want to fix it. Instead I am creating a business, with her guidance, that is first built on my values so that I can attract what fits and not just what's easy and available. I am learning how to define myself.

My journey with Lisa hasn't been an easy one for me - she forced me into an uncomfortable place of finally saying "here's what I want" and "here's who I am." I tend to want to become who other people want me to be.

I am grateful for my aha moments, a direct result of Lisa's probing questions and her encouraging me - sometimes gently, sometimes with a bit more oomph - to go deeper. I am finally excited about what the future holds.

Karen Bannister, Entrepreneur Mom Now

Karen Headshot rounded_corners
inis leblanc

"Lisa gave me the tools that I need to shoot higher and go for it and step out of my comfort zone."

I loved working with Lisa. I definitely would not be where I am and would not have accomplished what I’ve accomplished without working with her. She keeps me on track and pushes me.

There have definitely been times when coming into a session I think in my head there is no solution here and I don’t know how to move forward whatsoever and I come out of the session with thinking, “Wow, there is a way to move forward”.

The success of one thing leads to the next thing. It’s a snowball effect.

Inis Leblanc, Squamish Rebuild

"Lisa helped me to focus my time and energy on the strategic things that have helped me increase my revenue and sign up more people for my expeditions and courses."

I now have a much bigger blueprint for what I need to do to accomplish my goals for my business. I also I have a bunch of things I can look back on and implement over the next year.

Norm Hann, Norm Hann Expeditions


"I now feel more full and more equipped to do the freaky challenging stuff that I am doing at the moment and just keep going."

Lisa is really awesome at what she does! With coaching there are two layers; 1) the practical action steps and 2) having the confidence and persistence to go and do it. She was able to help me with both. If I had only one without the other I would have been lost.

Lisa has a very human approach and yet isn’t a softy which is a difficult balance to strike. She exudes confidence, which is what I needed.

I approached Lisa to work together because I knew I wanted to take my career to another level and at the same time stuff was changing all around me. One of the things that I was looking for in a coach was someone I could call a friend. I wanted to work with someone who was bright and got the complexity of what I was doing - an entrepreneurial endeavor with a social change component.

The other thing that I wanted to address was conflict. In the past I would avoid it and I knew I wanted that to change. It was a challenging leadership lesson and working with Lisa really helped me to step up. It was huge a shift for me. Her support made such a difference for me that it’s hard to describe. It was life changing!

When we were working together it was at the early stages of my taking a very vague idea and developing it further. It was one of the hardest periods trying to get from vague idea to something solid and it required a lot of putting myself out there.

Bonnie Foley Wong, Pique Ventures

"I made the conscious choice to run my company which was intimidating to me before."

Once I got that it is under my control I realized that I can make it into what I want it to be which is the ideal situation for me. I run my business because I choose to and am committed to working through the kinks.

Before I started coaching with Lisa I was overwhelmed and not in control of what I was doing with my work. I was questioning everything. I had too much going on, too much work and not enough time to think.

It really helped build my confidence around working for myself and knowing that that I do have the solutions. It was just a matter of taking action. I learned to trust I already know and be able to go that next step and actually take action on it.

As a result of our working together I am less worried about doing things right and more focused on just doing. More detailed time management allowed me to see what was important in my life and that I actually wasn’t allocating time to those important areas.

I was constantly frustrated that I wasn’t getting enough done and what I kept saying I wanted to get done. By using scheduling and actually putting consideration into what I need is hugely influential in how I approach each day.

There is a lot I will continue to get out of coaching even when we aren’t actively working together.

Lisa Hemingway, Backyard Creative


"I put it out there when we first started working together to launch a new local business network in Vancouver and within a year it was up and running with a strong board and well-attended events."

Working with Lisa as a business coach has been a dynamic process. At first I was skeptical about coaching because I didn’t think that I needed a witness but after just one session I realized that I did in order to grow.

Despite what I originally thought, working with Lisa has helped me to get very concrete and measurable results, including: moving from managing the day-to-day in my business to a place of being very intentional about who I wanted to serve and how to build relationships with them; getting my own contracts (moved from sub-contractor to project lead); and, working much more with the target audience I want to work with.

I could not have achieved all of this so quickly without the support of my coach!

Amy Robinson, Loco BC

"I left with a much clearer understanding of my personal vision, where I wanted to go, who I wanted to work with and what I needed to focus on next: hammering out the service offering."

When I hired Lisa I had taken a year off to do some transformational learning and was thinking about what the next phase of my career was going to look like. I had been stewing on that on my own for a while and I needed someone to understand where I was at and help me think through the possibilities and how my strengths would fit into them. It was time to take my scattered ideas and start to point them in a direction. Lisa helped me to take my funnel of ideas into a more pointed arrow.

As a result of working with her, I was able to come up with my whole underlying plan and finally articulate what I want to do and why. I left with a much clearer understanding of my personal vision, where I wanted to go, who I wanted to work with and what I needed to focus on next: hammering out the service offering.

I really enjoy working with Lisa because I can be myself with her. She acknowledged where I was and the other things going on in my life that have an impact. She also gave me a good practical perspective on what other people are looking for and encouraged me to just cut through the bullshit and get down to the core. Lisa was good at helping me see the perspective of what people need when I am trying to attract clients.

Katja Macura, Katja Macura Consulting Inc. 


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