Start selling what you like to buy & stop limiting your potential

start selling

Selling becomes easy when your prospects know what they are buying

Imagine earning $100k from JUST ONE offer, or even $50k?

How much more time off and freedom would you have from having having that kind of flow in your business?

Think about the last business service you bought. What was it?

  • An online program?
  • An application to make your systems or technology flow?
  • A service from a contractor?
  • A how-to workshop?

Now think about why you bought it. Did you need something to get done – like social media or copywriting? Did you have a block in your sales cycle and app could move prospects seamlessly to the next step? Or maybe you just needed more info on a marketing tactic so you could get more conversions & results?

Whatever it was you bought something to get you a result. 

You probably also bought it because the result it would get you was clear, the timeline was limited and it was a worthwhile investment. 

When I buy something I always want to be clear three things:

  1. The one outcome I’m looking for is possible.
  2. The outcome is worth the cost.
  3. The timeline is one I can commit to. Or, for a product, it must arrive in time for it’s intended use.

So why is this different for you? Why aren’t you selling what you buy?

Because you are a consultant and all of your clients are unique and need customized proposals. Because you are a coach and you don’t solve just one kind of problem. Maybe you don’t want to limit the potential to work with someone for a short period of time.

Making the switch from unpredictable results to unlimited growth

Those are the kinds of concerns that keeps your business from growing into it’s full potential. Being everywhere all the time, especially in person, will help you gain more unique and customized clients. It works especially well for the brand new business owner.

Local traction got my fledging business going and it’s worked for almost every business owner I know.

But now you don’t want to have to be everywhere all the time.

You may have moved a little off the beaten path, highways are busier, there might be school pick-ups or parental care duties. And keeping up the oh-so-important live appearances to network is getting harder to do.

You also don’t want to keep writing proposals and spend so much time convincing prospects of your value.

By now, you have built up enough knowledge about your value to stop being so open-ended. 

It’s time to stake your claim and make your offers digestible, meaningful, powerful and have a bigger impact.

Selling becomes easy when your offers are clear

When you package your offers in a way that tells your prospects clearly what they will receive, how long it’ll take to get their result and how much it’ll cost, you’ve set the stage for as much growth as you desire.

This clearly stated information allows you to position your offers to the right people. And then you can attract more people than ever before by working with them in the way you do best. Selling becomes easy.

This allows you to confidently take your brand online and grow systematically and predictably. Or focus on your leadership and some of the causes you deeply care about because you have the space and time to do more than hustle for clients, one-by-one.

When you properly package your offers, you will get attract better clients, be able to charge more and close more sales. That’s the platform for creating a business that you will love to lead. 

Make the commitment to define and refine your business map with packaged goodness!


Lisa Princic is a Business Strategist & Membership Expert who helps thought leaders & niche experts build wildly successful memberships. She's dedicated to helping impact-driven entrepreneurs scale their businesses with powerful positioning and profitable programs designed around their zone of genius. A staunch believer in simplicity and intention, Lisa helps her clients accomplish their goals by focusing on what to do AND what to ignore.

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