Soul Strategy

The conscious entrepreneurs guide to earning & creating value

Soul Strategy book by Lisa Princic

Soul Strategy -
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Learn how to use your inner wisdom to build a business around your purpose, deliver real value to the right kinds of clients and turn that service into profit. 

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If you feel like making money and making a difference are impossible to do at the same time, think again.

When you tap into your inner wisdom about your talent and purpose, you will understand your business at a much deeper level. That's the secret to building a business model that supports your unique value, aligns with your biggest goals and begins to attract the right customers.

In this book you will learn to use your own inner wisdom about you and your best customers to step into your purpose, get more clear about what you want to stand for and offer in this world and design a profitable business model around that knowledge.

The more you own your unique value and draw upon your wisdom, the more objective you will be. Objectivity leads to success and peace along the journey.

Here's what people are saying about Soul Strategy:

Entrepreneurship is an expedition of life's biggest feat "yourself". This books helps identify qualities and traits that open your eyes for the journey that lies ahead. It breaks down the entire structure of how the world prepares you for success through both the possibilities and the discomforts. The book helps you to build confidence not only with yourself but your applications of the signs and emotions that the universe leaves for you to follow.  
~ Kevin Eng

The author gently reminds us that, “You are here to make an impact and live a purposeful life. This could be your ultimate journey to finding your own truth and freedom while making an important difference in the world.” And that being of actual service to our customers (i.e. meeting their actual needs) is what matters above all else. That is, after all, why we’re in business in the first place!
~ Jason Sugar, Breakthrough Adventures

I loved reading Lisa Princic's Soul Strategy. As an entrepreneur isn't easy to get stuck and hold ourselves back. This book helped me clarify the wheels I've been spinning in - and see a new way through. Princic's strategies are easy to understand and relate to. What's best is that unlike most business books that keep the soul out of business, this book puts it front and centre. Which I love because being an entrepreneur is all about heart and soul. I recommend this to any business owner stuck in the mud and needs a boost.

You need a Soul Strategy to:

  • Learn how to apply your inner wisdom and objectivity to achieve your big growth goals.
  • Build a business strategy that completely aligns with your values and doesn't compromise your ambition.
  • Make money and have impact by being 100% authentically you!
  • Attract people who will help grow your business for you.

This mini-book will change the way you view your business and change your trajectory!

Here's what's inside:

Chapter 1 - Spirituality, Business & the New Economy
Chapter 2 - Mind Mastery for Business
Chapter 3 - Connect with Value
Chapter 4 - In Service to Sell
Chapter 5 - Stay Awake on the Journey

Get it now, build your confidence and begin to enjoy your
entrepreneurial journey in a whole new way today!