Do you often try to sell something you can't 100% promise will happen and don't quite know how to balance holding space for their dream with giving them a reality check?

This conversation with Andrea Leda, a life coach from Portland, OR felt like a breath of fresh air. She's an ambitious woman building up a compelling brand with care and honesty.

She's mastered holding space for people to learn and grow with her guidance without promising outcomes that she can't guarantee. And she does much of this within group programs. This is NOT the usual advice we receive from marketers and it's so incredibly authentic.

We covered so many topics including these favourites:

  • How valuable it is to have training wheels when starting your first business business.
  • The power of a patient approach to business growth.
  • Allow more of yourself to show up in your business so you can outsmart the desire to earn vs. desire to serve dilemma.
  • Her commitment to running programs 5 times over a long period time before she’s allowed to shelf it. How to create a product designed for long-term success -- plant a seed and give it time to grow
  • Her incredibly honest approach to selling. She's realized there's a direct correlation between being honest and her income.
  • How we're really buying other peoples humaness, a piece of their truth.

It was a very deep conversation that I really believe contains all the underlying realities of any single brand promise, whether we're aware of it or not. I hope you feel as connected to your big why and joyful as I did after spending time with Andrea!

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