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Scaling slowly so your business serves your values & lifestyle with Lesley Pyle from HireMyMom

I’m really excited to share this episode in the Scaling Deep series with you today, because I think this is one of the most interesting business models and stories I’ve featured so far on the show. 

If you’ve listened to other shows this month, you’ll know that scaling deeply is about growing a business at the right pace for you and in alignment with your values. Today’s guest is a shining example of how successful this approach can be, not only for your business but for your life as a whole. 

Lesley Pyle is the founder and owner of HireMyMom, a website that connects moms with small businesses who want to hire freelancers and virtual employees. She loves helping moms find flexible work-from-home roles so they can prioritize their families and the other important things in life. 

In this conversation, Lesley shares how she came up with the idea for HireMyMom before big players like Fiverr and Upwork were in the space. She talks about why she has preferred to grow slowly and organically while keeping her family at the forefront of her life. 

Lesley also discusses her reasons for keeping the site focused on moms and businesses in North America and why that niche has been so successful. And of course, we discuss her fascinating business model and how she learned to balance the pool of job seekers with the pool of small businesses needing talent. 

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Lesley came up with the idea for HireMyMom and has grown it over the past 14 years. 
  • Why she is so adamant about scaling slowly and in line with her personal and business values.
  • How Lesley has grown the site organically and kept it niched down.
  • How HireMyMom compares to services like Fiverr and Upwork and how its business model differs from its competitors.
  • Why Lesley has kept HireMyMom focused on North America.
  • How she has followed her own plan and intuition throughout her business journey.
  • Why it’s important to Lesley to maintain a balance between her business and the other important things in her life. 

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Hey there. I know what it's like to try and fail over and over again. I've been through all the mindset ups and downs, feeling like a failure and wondering why it's so hard to attract amazing clients consistently.

I finally realized, more recently that I'd like to admit, I was still hiding. I was afraid to put my work into the world in case no one wanted it. What I really wanted was for someone to say, "hey you, your stuff is great, come share it with my audience".  Finally I realized that that would never happen, not until I started first.

Putting out my content and message into the world had to begin with me. I  committed to showing up consistently and building my own meaningful relationships. The result? Much more clarity about how to gain visibility and grow my brand. And, of course, THIS PODCAST which I'm thrilled to host!


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