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Coaching episode: How to scale deep in your brand

This episode is a little different than usual, but I think you’re going to really like it - today you get to listen in on me coaching a business owner who is ready to scale deep & start working with more of her ideal clients. I think this is a great way to get a sense of my approach and why I love going deep with my relationships, business, branding and everything else. 

I had Christina Nicholson of Media Maven on the show back in episode 80, so I recently joined her on her podcast to keep the conversation going. What I thought was going to be a standard interview turned into a super fun mini-coaching session as we chatted about her three businesses, the differences between them and how she manages to run them all. 

Christina and I talk through the importance of her agency to her overall brand and why she should delegate even more of the work within it if she wants to step things up. She also discusses the new direction she wants to take with her work and how to keep other plates spinning as she takes on different projects. We also dive into the struggle of shifting your messaging to appeal to a new target market, especially if you’re choosing a new niche with a more sophisticated ideal client. 

This episode should give you some great questions to ask yourself if you feel like you’re ready to scale deeper but aren’t sure what to do next. And if you want to create a scalable offer to take you to the next level, check out my FREE training: How to Create and Sell Your Scalable Offer - Even with a Small List.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Christina has created several successful businesses by identifying gaps in her industry.
  • Why it can be so challenging to manage multiple businesses at once when they have very different business models. 
  • Why you should consider the opportunity cost of dividing your energy between several offerings or business rather than going all-in on one.
  • How to handle the challenge of making a leap into a new niche or target market.
  • Why I think Christina needs to delegate even more to her amazing team so she can pivot into new and exciting ventures.
  • Why I have started to shift who I target for my podcast and how I’m doing that. 

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Hey there. I know what it's like to try and fail over and over again. I've been through all the mindset ups and downs, feeling like a failure and wondering why it's so hard to attract amazing clients consistently.

I finally realized, more recently that I'd like to admit, I was still hiding. I was afraid to put my work into the world in case no one wanted it. What I really wanted was for someone to say, "hey you, your stuff is great, come share it with my audience".  Finally I realized that that would never happen, not until I started first.

Putting out my content and message into the world had to begin with me. I  committed to showing up consistently and building my own meaningful relationships. The result? Much more clarity about how to gain visibility and grow my brand. And, of course, THIS PODCAST which I'm thrilled to host!


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