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Rebecca Tracey works with a lot of coaches to help them pick the right niche, develop the messaging and choose their programs through a group program that she runs twice per year, Uncage your Business.

She’s been in business for 8 years. She got started because she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold down a full-time job which first included getting trained as a life coach and a nutritionist. It was very fuzzy at the start and she was working out of her van on an extended road trip.

In her first year, she just kept trying things. She had a lot of offers, was helpful in online communities and did a series of interviews with online business owners on her blog that got her in front of their audiences.

After her first year, when she got back from her trip, she got more serious and started to clean up her niche by getting rid of a bunch of things that were too vague.

She’s a high action-taker. Which helped to get her information more quickly so she could find out what she needed to pivot or move on.

In her second year, she did a big guest post blitz and media blitz which helped to grow her tribe quickly. She made a solid $80,000 in her second year in business which is actually very high for a brand new entrepreneur in the coaching industry.

Becca did a lot of things right!

She shares with us how she started creating group programs and launched her main one 5 times in the first year which was crazy and eventually she landed on twice per year.

At around that time she realized she had to stop doing her one-on-one work and her smaller group programs, putting all her eggs in one basket for her current program.

She admits that the launch cycle is exhausting and stressful but she loves the time off. While many of her colleagues are choosing to get out of the stress of launches and they have a fixed schedule she’s staying firm on the twice-annual cycle.

Many business owners in the online world are noticing that launches are flopping and she did notice how slow it was for her on the last round. So she had to double down to get the same number of people in it.

“You can do really well one year and not do as well next year. No one’s immune to it. “

She realizes that she needs to be doing more marketing while she’s traveling.

We talked about how she prices her programs. She has a main one in which she gives a ton of support and a self-study version that she’s recently put on evergreen mode.

What I love about Becca is her direct approach. She breaks things down so well and clearly.

Her top advice is to get in front of others’ audiences if you’re trying to build yours. She’s a master of re-purposing her content.

“If you’ve been doing this for 2 years and it’s not working, it’s probably not just going to start to work. Go hire someone to look at what you’re doing and tell you what’s not working. ”

She gives great advice on what people really need before they hire someone.

“Read their sales page and get down to the nitty gritty of what you need.”

What Mastery means to Rebecca:

Doing something without having to try too hard - lol.

Turning point:

When I decided to drop all my other programs and services and focus on just ONE thing. It was scary but there was such a sense of relief in letting the other stuff go.

Rebecca’s Core message:

You can take the easy way and still have a real (and thriving) business.

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