Position Your Mastery

A workshop for business owners who need to clarify their brand positioning so they can pursue leveraged income.

(Create the brand that builds your following & pipeline with next level clients).

If you're a consultant, coach or practitioner who wants to grow & increase your freedom, then you probably already know your brand needs the right positioning to convert next level clients into more profitable offers!

You may already be getting some good leads and have a few amazing clients. But you have to hustle all the time to find new ones and keep current ones happy. And you're missing an opportunity to captivate your audience.

And you probably already know that you're leaving money at the table by not having strong messaging and consistent content that grows your visibility as a thought leader & expert in your niche.

You're so close.

You know it's possible. Not all business owners work as hard as you do, nor have the same level of expertise and they're killing it!

Here's what you might not know ...

With the right positioning of your brand, messaging and offers you can ...


When you're positioned as an expert your past clients, peers and colleagues will notice. With a strong branding and positioning more people will take your calls, be thrilled to support you and profile your business. That's the start of an authority brand. 


It's easy to sell something new when you know what your prospects need now & how your offer fits with the rest of your services. When your message and position truly reflects your value, you've pre-sold your prospect and your confidence soars.


Knowing what to say will automatically lead to your desire to say more - online and offline. You'll find yourself showing up on point and on message, every single time. This is the point at which brands start to get "known" and take off. 


You'll feel confident increasing your fees when you're positioned with the pros in your market. And that leads to higher website conversions because your messaging is clear which means you can spend less time on marketing for unknown outcomes and begin to build funnels that convert. 

Even though the motivation for positioning yourself as an authority and industry leader is probably very high, the steps to getting there aren't always obvious.

Does not knowing what to say hold you back?

You've been holding back for too long. Not creating the brand and messaging you LOVE ..

... And that's partly because you struggle with your voice and message.

What's the most important part of your work? How do you put words to your value? How do you share your story and the story of who you've helped in your brand? 

All these questions mull around in your head and it keeps you silent. Or you keep putting out content because you feel obligated but it's not really lighting you up.

And then you stop ... get back to the busy work and put off growing your authority and your visibility for another day.

Here's why you're stuck ... 

It's easy to put off building your irresistible brand when you don't have a tried and true method for making it irresistible.

You've got lots to do, clients to serve, deliverables to get through and making sure all the current systems that bring you in clients now still run smoothly.

You can't afford to spend time staring at the screen waiting for creativity to kick in.

But status quo is a dangerous path ... 

Not building your brand authority and leadership puts your business in a precarious position of being reactive. Just waiting for the next lead to come in either through a referral or an online search makes any entrepreneur feel helpless.

It could even mean losing ground if one of your reliable sources of prospects stops coming in.

Which means this is the BEST time to kick your branding building into high gear so you can create a long-term pipeline of IDEAL prospects and clients.

Lucky for you there are a lot of others who aren't doing this right.

In all likelihood your competitors will stay stuck in their comfort zone of the client-work-client-work cycle of busyness and never make time to build their authority position and following.

Which means there's plenty of room in the market for you to step up as a thought leader and authority brand in your industry ... even if you feel like you should've done it months or even years ago.

That is ... if you get start to craft the messaging that moves your audience into action.

I'll let you in on a little secret ...

When you develop a message from your mastery, you don't have to work really hard to come up with something that sounds good.

You’ll stand out from the competition when you communicate the full value you deliver, converting more ideal clients instantly.

Which means you can spend less time hustling for leads … the secret behind creating freedom & profit in your business.

It requires positioning your mastery. And that’s what I’m going to show you how to do.

Introducing ...

Position Your Mastery

A workshop to help you create a compelling brand with profitable offers, so you can get your freedom back.

I've taken all the tools and steps I've used to help my private clients position their brands for the last 4 years and put them into this half day workshop. With easily guided steps and exercises, you'll not only develop your market position but you'll have a formula for all of your future marketing messaging.

Because I don't just want you to come up with just one piece of copy or program outline, I want you to have a new skill you can use daily to grow your visibility.

You'll get guided help to understand where the positioning opportunity lies within your market, the unique super-powers you bring to the table PLUS an action plan to position yourself as a thought leader and brand to watch.

The end result:  Confidence that you can develop the exact business you want by being extremely relevant to your tribe. 

Position Your Mastery

A unique done-with-you, step-by-step brand-building workshop that ... 


You'll know the place you want to be in your market and be set up to create a brand that you're proud to share with your peers, prospects and other thought leaders in your niche. 


Take the guess work out of writing content and copy with a foundation of core messages you can use in all the right places. 


You'll be positioned for only the types of clients that you serve best and who bring the most profit to your business. You'll no longer have to field calls from people asking for discounts and deals. Gain the confidence to increase your rates and take less profitable offers off menu. 

Here's what we'll cover ...

Part one:

Creating the Foundation for Engagement

You may not be inspired to create bold messaging and a compelling brand based on the status quo. You might know that but not be crystal clear on who you want to be connecting to long-term. We'll spend a little bit of time on expanding your vision and shifting your perspective to set the stage for what's possible for your business so you begin to create a brand you truly excited to develop and nurture that gets the response you want.

We'll reconnect you to:

  • Your grand vision of your business and lifestyle.
  • The most profitable or desirable offer you want to sell more frequently.
  • A foolproof method to determine the clients who bring the most value to your business and who you want to serve for the next few years.

Even if you don't have all the details worked out yet, you'll feel much more confident owning your ideal business model.

Part two:

Branding Your Signature Service

Once you know what you're creating, we'll begin diving into the true value you deliver to your clients. It's important to understand & map out your master system for creating outstanding outcomes (which you probably do in your sleep) so you can see the true potential of what you offer.

We'll turn your knowledge from delivering high value to your clients into:

  • A signature system that you use to get results.
  • A polished offer or new program you'd like to create.
  • A container for your content so you know how to perfectly describe and share what you do.

In this section you'll start to see how you can turn your mastery into a bigger brand, a grander vision and a business with the potential for greater impact.

Part three:

Messaging Your Mastery

Once you have the full understanding of your body of work, I'll walk you through a process to extract your brand messaging that can be used for:

  • Highly converting and compelling messaging on your website and sales pages.
  • A content blueprint to guide how you share the expertise & knowledge your tribe is craving.
  • Copy you can use to get more traction in your marketing campaigns.

Creating copy that converts is the secret to building a brand that gets known for delivering exceptional value and that's when you can separate yourself from the competition and command higher prices.

Join the next online workshop on July 31st, 2019!
You will get:

Half-day live workshop (9:30-2pm PT) in a very small group format ($1,000).

Personalized review of your brand ($500).

Access to ongoing feedback & support in a small, private Facebook community ($995).

A framework and template you can use for future messaging development ($295).

(That's a total value of $2,790!) 

For a one-time payment of only $497 USD. 

This workshop is perfect for you if ...

You're a coach, consultant or service practitioner who isn't using your skills, experience and capabilities to their full potential.

You feel stuck in a cycle of customizing offers for too many kinds of clients and want premium clients who're willing to pay more for the thing you do best.

You truly feel you offer an amazing service to your clients and finding more of the right ones sets you up to make an even bigger impact.

You're already spending a few hours per week online trying to get noticed and build valuable relationships.

You want to produce more content and add more value to your prospects online ... like a pro.

You're afraid all your content marketing and list-building efforts won't turn into clients.

You're willing to put a bit of time upfront into getting really clear on your value, your best offers and your messaging because you know it'll attract more of the right kind of prospects to your brand.

You can't wait to gain immediate confidence in your value and brand and a sure-win framework for putting it into words.

You know spending this time will pay off immediately because you need to own your voice and message to get to the next level in your business.

If any of the above resonate with you then I can't wait to welcome you to the Position Your Mastery workshop!


Working with Lisa gave me the clarity I needed. I was able to birth and deliver my coaching program in the first round!! I recouped my investment, as soon as I finished my private program with her.

On top of that, I learned a process that I've repeated a couple of times with my new program. Working with Lisa was hands down, one of the best business/strategy investments I ever made.

Jessica Vazquez, Wealth & Business Coach


"I’ve gone from chasing high maintenance clients to only working with those clients brands who I can help take to the next level."

I now have the confidence to attract the kinds of customers who are happy to pay for the time it takes to make their brand a leading one. I am focused on helping businesses that I am truly passionate about - those who are moving from being followers to leaders.

Leisa Johnson, The Lovely Studio, lovely.studio


I was overwhelmed by too many projects and ideas and didn’t know where to start, she helped me find what was the priorities I needed to focus on to expand my business. I love all of the great strategy she gave me and can’t wait to check off all of the tasks I have to do for my business to start growing.

Marie-Andée Racine, The Little Explorers