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Matt Walker works with high performing men who are suffering from a sense of overwhelm and disengagement in their lives. They’re most likely successful on paper, action-oriented and visionaries and yet are unfulfilled in their lives.

“They’ve reached a point where they lack inspirations in their lives and they’re searching for and wanting more.”

Matt created this unique business offering by way of being an adventure & climber by trade and holding a masters in psychology.

He takes the lessons from climbing and apply them to the personal development space, through coaching, climbing adventures and creating community.

What works so well is the experiential learning component. He helps his clients take the specific lessons from adventure and apply them in their day-to-day lives.

Matt’s job is to re-awaken them.

“When you take someone out of their comfort zone and put them in nature,  the learning is so rich and deep. And to come back and apply it is life-changing for people.”

His work is so powerful because if you can handle adversity in the outdoors you can apply it back at home.

We talked how facing adversity through being active compares to sitting still through mediation or similar practices. The common thread is that they both come back to the breath.

We both shared how important is to always have high-level mentors in our lives, no matter where we are at in our growth. That accountability is so valuable - whether it’s high-level and engaging or more intermittent support.

Two of the biggest lessons his clients take from expeditions:

  • Belief. We are way more capable and powerful we allow ourselves to believe. Providing people an opportunity to face something they think is impossible so they accomplish things they didn’t know they could do is powerful.
  • Humility. Learning to be humble to nature, ourselves and others. Asking for help and receiving support and letting down our armor - those barriers that keep us connected from others.

We also talked about how we need to gain a high level of trust as practitioners and in ourselves in order to take our clients on these in-depth journeys.

His biggest growth has come from letting go of the outcome he thinks his clients should get from the program and allowing them to have their own experience.

“We need to respect our clients deeply in order to let them get what they need.”

Here are my top takeaways:

  • The answer to the million dollar brand question might be about accessibility! It’s not a certain personality it’s a way of showing up that attracts attention with humility, trust, vulnerability and confidence.
  • Standing by the value you provide and not be attached to what your clients specifically will get out of the programs we offer.
  • Don’t get caught up in knowing exactly what the value your clients are receiving because you can't always predict it.
  • Create filters to run programs and offers through, so we know they serve our clients needs and our needs.
  • How to be mindful of what you say yes and no to - using is f*&%-it list.

What Mastery means to Matt:

The ability to execute an experience with wide open sensory awareness - stay present emotionally, physically, and cognitively while engaged in complex execution.

Matt's Core message:

Embrace the myriad of roles we play through full engagement living.

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