How to increase your income without mimicking mass marketers

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Just because mass marketers are over-crowding the marketplace, it’s no excuse to stay home

How many times have you thought about how you can increase your income without putting in more hours but couldn’t commit because:

  • There wasn’t an obvious way to scale beyond your primary way of billing for time.
  • It looks like everyone is already saturating the market with courses and launches.
  • You don’t have TIME to create an elaborate program.
  • You don’t have an email list or you’ve not been actively using it (or doing any promoting for that matter).

Those seem like legitimate problems especially if you think that growing your business has to be done in one of a few ways. You might feel relieved to know that you can do it differently from everyone else in you industry.

The reason why mimicking mass marketers won’t work

Mass marketers are not only making a killing but they are killing it. I mean this literally. I have begun to wonder what the success rate is for people who take courses on “how to earn 5 figures from their first webinar” and “turn their 5 figure business into a 6 figure business”.

Ya sure, there are probably a few percentages of people who are ready to get those results but how many others aren’t getting their money’s worth because they have bought something they don’t need?

How many courses and programs have you taken that haven’t actually given you the promised results? How many have you not even bothered to finish because you get stuck part way in and didn’t have the support to work your way through it?

I see a few reasons for this:

  • People need personalized programs more than one-size-fits-all frameworks to make the mindset, strategic and outcome shifts they need.
  • Learners need different levels of hands on support at varying levels of learning. For example, books provide awareness and insight, DIY courses can teach skills, outsourcing tasks frees up time and the deepest level of transformation requires physical and mental immersion.

Mass marketers are focused on selling, not on ensuring that all of their customers are really at a point where those promised results are even possible. 

This, to me, is a BIG PROBLEM and I see more and more people (like me and many of my clients) who are no longer buying into impersonal sales machines.

Disrupt the market by creating consciously

What’s the alternative to the way of mass marketers? The answer: your unique way of leveraging value and delivering deep experiences that are full of the integrity you stand by.

Start by knowing what you stand for and continuing to stand by that message. You need to put it out everywhere, keeping it simple and clear.

Complexity kills connection. Consistency gets heard.

Once you feel clear on that, get focused on creating services and products that people actually want and deliver outcomes they care about. There are countless ways to provide meaningful experiences and scale your deep business model if you begin to explore how your customers can absorb value and how you teach at the best of your ability. 

The possibilities are endless and all it requires is confidence that you can grow in a way that will feel natural, dedicated time and space to get creative, research and reflection on how you want to serve and a BIG DESIRE to evolve.

I call this Scaling Deep and I invite you to sign-up to be the first to know when registration opens for my next intake. In this 8 week program we’ll customize your plan to scale and move into a new way to experience your business in a deeper way – with true service, value and impact.

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Lisa Princic is a Business Strategist & Membership Expert who helps thought leaders & niche experts build wildly successful memberships while making a positive impact. She helps entrepreneurs scale with powerful positioning & profitable programs designed around their zone of genius. A staunch believer in simplicity, Lisa helps her clients accomplish their goals by focusing on what to do AND what to ignore.

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