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MaryAnn McNulty is a business coach who helps coaches, consultants and solopreneurs extract and build the foundations of their business. That usually includes extracting their core messages, a program design process or a signature talk that they can use as a marketing tool.

She mostly works with those who are starting or stuck. For the ones who are starting out she helps them get to their first $60k in revenue.

MaryAnn makes a good point to say that the things that get business owners to their first $60k are not the same activities that get them to $100k or more.

She’s adamant that you have to grow into being able to receive revenue at a higher level.

“We are each our own inner glass ceiling”.

My other top takeaway’s include... 

  • One of the killers of a start-up is the overwhelm.
  • Focus is the F word of business. It’s the most important thing for entrepreneurs to remember.
  • There is sometimes a very long delay between an action you want to take and a result you see.
  • Managing expectations is a huge part of our success.
  • The activities in your business you love doing might not be core money making ones but we still need to carve out creative space for them. As long as we have some boundaries on time spent on them.
  • Getting a business off the ground is the hardest stage of a business.
  • The smaller your business is the more dialed in your value proposition and branding have to be.
  • Businesses that are farther along or struggling usually have something in their foundation that’s broken.
  • Re-enforcing the MINDSET is a constant effort. (Here, here!)

MaryAnn believes wholeheartedly in investing in support. She invested in a one year program even before she’d quit her day job. She wanted accountability and a framework and structure and benefited from the community of people working on their businesses at different levels.

They spent a lot of time on client enrollment and she incorporates a lot of what she learned into her own programs. She stressed how important is was to invest in sales training early on in your business. It’s vital to your success.

MaryAnn also opens up about how she hired a marketing agency to grow her online because she wanted to get beyond her local market. Her brand awareness increased but she realized it wasn’t her thing. She’s more of an analog person!

You can’t scale or grow before you have good marketing systems and processes in place. Keeping the marketing flowing. They are so many marketing strategies out there that it’s easy to think you need to do it all. But you don’t.

Figuring out what’s the best use of our time is important because consistency is key to any tactic working. It’s best practice to put out your content at the regular intervals like you’ve committed.

“Ultimately, marketing is connections with people.”

What Mastery means to MaryAnn:

Having a certain depth of experience based on learning, doing, and refining skills and knowledge over time. It means going beyond "knowing" - it's about doing, and getting results. And it's about cutting through the BS and being a badass at whatever it is you do.

Major turning point:

Two things have always helped me up-level my business. Finding ways to refocus and simplify my business, and making sure my mindset expands to hold space for my current stretch goal.

MaryAnn’s Core messages:

Here are a few. Success doesn't happen by default. Building a business isn't intuitive. The things that get you to $100k are not the same things that will get you to your first $50-60k - so you need to focus on doing first things first to break the $60k mark if you want to hit six-figures.

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