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Mallika Malhotra is a brand photographer for women entrepreneurs and business owners. She helps them get clear on their message and bring that to life through images.

She offers a truly unique service that includes diving deep into their story. I’ve never heard of a photographer spending as much time on brand identity as she does.

Through this process, she uncovers how each entrepreneur is different and uses visual storytelling to help them get noticed online, such a crowded space these days.

Her goal is to create images that have impact and build connection for them easily.

She got started joining women’s networking orgs and found her love for women in business. She’s specialized in women’s brand photography for four years.

“If you’re not putting your face on your brand you’re really leaving money on the table and you’re at risk at being left behind. People are looking to see who the heart of the brand is and looking to get to know you.“

She believes strong compelling imagery is strategic has a strong plan of action and intention behind it. Rather than taking a bunch of photos that you hope grows into a cohesive brand. Once you have this you can craft stories that supports the intention and plan that helps the business grow.

“To get in touch with our brand essence we have to get clear on our values and the purpose behind our business. If you don’t know this you run the risk of looking like everyone else.”

She does a lot of digging first with all of her clients including: what their passions are, who they’re here to serve and also makes sure their brand is sustainable because the core stays the same.

She shared with us six photo stories you want to capture to bring your photos to life:

  1. Power pose. headshot that everyone needs to show up as a professional and business owner.
  2. Working girl shot. Showing and demonstrating how you do the job, showing a bit of the behind the scenes your workspace, tools etc.
  3. Passion portrait. Your personality and what its like to work with you. It needs to convey a feeling to help you connect to the right customer and gives more dimension to your brand.
  4. Lifestyle lens. Shows the hobbies or activities you like to do. The things you fill your day with that are interesting to you. Gives depth to your brand so people can connect to you on a more personal level.
  5. Future forecast. Shares where you envision yourself in 5 or 10 years. Be transparent and vulnerable with your audience and share your aspiration with them. It’s a bold story share which is very powerful.
  6. Story-telling stock. All the objects in your workplace and in your life. Books, art, etc. that fills in the gaps. You don’t always have to be in the photo.

She saw women who were hiding behind their logo transform and shine when they had these visual assets in their photo library. All of a sudden their brand went to the next level. They stepped not a new role with the visuals they were sharing. The became confident and looked like a leader.

What Mastery means to Mallika:

Mastery means having a deep expertise, skill or competency in a certain field or craft.

Mallika's core message:

Stop hiding and start showing up as the FACE of your brand.

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