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This episode is all about meaningful content. The reason why I’m so obsessed about content right now is because I belief it’s what makes or breaks a brand's reputation, visibility and ability to have an impact.

If you’re a service-based business owner, content is your source of everything related to marketing.

Businesses that sell products can use each item, or line to tell a story. For a service-based business, it’s the words you speak or write that tell that story. And the story is often an experience, an approach, a philosophy or an opinion.

I firmly believe that to grow your brand visibility you’ll have to produce regular content.

In this episode I share why it’s so important, my experience creating content (what’s worked and what hasn’t), five places you can show up with content and four qualities to use to assess if you’ve found the right content channel. Those are Consistency, Ease, Frequency & Delivery.

What is meaningful content?

I’ve always known I needed to share my content. I’ve written blog posts for years.

But it wasn’t getting into enough inboxes, getting read consistently or getting anyone excited.

Years later, as my business evolved and the online space got busier, I recognized that I needed to get more clear and focused with my topics and CTA’s. I really did struggle with getting more specific and I also struggled with showing up consistently.

Because why show up consistently with content that isn’t getting consumed.

The biggest benefit to my somewhat consistent blogging was local traffic. I ranked number one or close to it for “business coach” for years from organic searches. I met many great clients through that so I began my minimal effort plan to keep it going.

I wasn’t writing with the expectation that my blogposts would get consumed by many.

For a few years leading up until last fall my business development, marketing campaigns and content creation had been minimal and sporadic. I had dramatically improved my brand and positioning but I didn’t put a lot of time into creating new connections or increasing my traffic.

Call it mental or physical capacity - or both - last fall I was suddenly ready to SHOW UP.

And once I knew that was going to happen - that I was finally ready to get off the feast or famine rollercoaster - I knew I had to start a podcast.

How did I know?

What I love the most about podcasting is spending time with people I know and admire and talking shop! It makes my day.

I also do solo episodes which helps me communicate my most important strategies.

The hard part is the new workload. Even though I have some of it outsourced, it’s still a big new weekly commitment.

And there are times when I feel that my listeners aren’t growing at the rate I’d like to see. But then I check my head - this is a LONG-TERM commitment - and keep on going.

To get through all this, I count my small wins. Every reply and comment gets noticed. I don’t dismiss any feedback.

But the BIGGEST value I’ve received includes:

  • Creating content that I’m excited about brings huge purpose to my business.
  • Sharing knowledge through audio and conversation is the most natural way for me to create value for my audience. And it’s built my confidence.
  • Connecting to people I highly respect and developing mutual respect has brought a lot of validation to my brand & messaging.
  • Asking for and receiving support by my peers & guests (shout out to Carol Cox for sharing her wisdom) is amazing!
  • Profiling and co-creating with owners which has deepened new business relationships immediately.
  • Having a podcast has inspired me to show up in other ways as well. Webinars, FB lives, IG stories and in groups. I’m in a sharing habit!

So yes, it’s a big commitment, But I believe most things are that push us to grow. Truthfully, teams of one, one and a half or more have to put their time in to do enough of the things that will reach our desired audiences and make meaningful connections.

My biggest lesson was that I really had to SHOW UP with content for the long-term. Once I realized that, choosing my medium was easy.

Here are 4 things to consider figure out where you want to show up.

One: Consistency

Any strong business shows up with content consistently. To help you figure out what’s the most natural way for you appear, answer this question, “Of these which one do you most identify with?”

  • A writer?
  • A podcaster?
  • A TV channel host?
  • A speaker?
  • An advertiser?

If you’re not one, pick the other. Sometimes it’s as easy as that.

Two: Ease

How easy is this for you to do? Blogging took me about 5 hours, which isn’t bad but the ideas didn’t always flow. Video is difficult because it’s too fussy for me and would take all day. To get really pro, it would require much more prep and practice. Because I find showing up on audio, in the moment so easy, podcasting was a naturally easy choice for me.

Three: Frequency

You’ve gotta show up and it’s got to happen regularly. Like weekly, to be honest. You may not want to hear that but there are ways it can be easier. If you’re message, story, knowledge and approach - which all falls under mastery - are good, you’ll get picked up eventually.

Yes, it may take a year. A YEAR? You are thinking that’s a long time. But actually is it? It takes 4 years for a undergrad degree. 2-3 years for a masters. And that’s your prep play to earn. So if you think about cranking out great content for a year, it’s not that bad. Especially because you can use it over again, in different ways.

Of course if you are speaking, or hosting events, you don’t need to do that every week. Live events are different. The point

Four:  Delivery

How easy is it to get your information out to the channels that will get your content out to new people. And how will you leverage it. You’ll want to pick the medium for your content that’s the easiest for you to leverage onto other channels.

The question you might want to ask yourself is, “how are you showing up with meaningful content?”

If you’re ready for more and ready to learn how to create & use meaningful content to build your irresistible online brand, sign-up for my upcoming webinar here.

The free webinar is called ‘How to create & use meaningful content to build an irresistible online brand,’ and I’m going to take what we learned here and dive even deeper. Plus, we will have a change for some real-time Q&A if you have any questions. Go to www.lisaprincic.com/content to get all the details… it will be live, so you don’t want to miss it. I hope to see you there!

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