Want more high-paying clients without more marketing hustle?

high-paying clients

Plan out your ideal business with consistent high-paying clients

You are not alone!

A lot of small business owners problems would be solved by having a steady stream of high-paying clients. Just imagine:

     >>  Having a base level of income for months at a time that ensures the bills are paid.
     >>  Outsourcing some of the tasks that you just aren’t getting done.
     >>  Going on vacation without any stress.

Amazing right?

Now imagine earning great money from the comfort of your home – the ultimate cherry on top.

Waking up, planning out your day and knowing you have a reasonable workload with no commute is a dream for many.

You love being the boss of you! 

If you had a consistent flow of high-paying clients, you could … stop feeling like you had to update too many social media channels every single day … truly do the work that’s in your zone of genius … and feel way more peaceful.

Because we all know money is one of the biggest stressors impeding our day to day joy!

Traffic – the endless worry of a small business owner

You think you have a traffic problem and say:

If only I could get more eyeballs on my services page. I need more traffic!

You might wish you could charge higher prices for your current clients but you are afraid they’ll find someone else. At this point, you don’t feel indispensable nor recognized as an expert.

Like someone they need to have supporting them.

Quite frankly, you probably aren’t at this point – indispensable and positioned as an expert.

Why is this? What is the barrier you keeping hitting that’s separating you from a line-up of high-paying clients?

It’s simple. You are probably like most of the other service providers, freelancers or coaches out there who are charging for services, not for outcomes.

The secret to getting more high-paying clients is …


You know those intentions and promises that some businesses make that you sometimes love and can’t wait to buy and other times you don’t believe at all?

You may have avoided stating outcomes because you:

>> Think they sound cheesy and you don’t want to be like everyone else.
>> Don’t feel comfortable promising anything, because you can’t control your clients actions.
>> Don’t want to turn off any potential clients who want something unique & different.
>> Like variety. What if you get bored working on the same things over and over again?

Choosing to build a brand and offers around specific outcomes has been something you haven’t done yet. Or done boldly. 

And, this is where I’m going to pipe in and tell you that all of your traffic problems, not enough leads problem & low-level work problems, will go away when you begin to niche down the range of things you ‘can do’ to the things you ‘excel at’.

Choose specific outcomes and convert more traffic

Trust me on this. For years I was a proud generalist and I constantly had to hustle to meet new people or show up at events to stay top-of-mind. In an online environment it looks like constantly piping up in communities, blasting out social media and creating endless content marketing in hope of getting a bite.

It’s not to say that you don’t have to do any of that outreach. But if you are going to do any outreach, you need to know it’s working! However, at this point …

More outreach isn’t going to make up for lack of outcomes

Most people think their lack of engagement has to do with a tactic they are using like Facebook posts or ads, or Pinterest, or networking at events, or hosting groups, etc.

But it’s usually something else entirely. It often means that the people you connect to don’t actually know what you are selling.

Your offers and how you communicate your value isn’t making them need the services you offer!

These are the areas which will dramatically improve when you when you begin to offer outcomes. Which is really the secret to getting more high-paying clients.

Clear outcomes will get you better leads

When you revolve all of your content around that thing you do well, it’s easier to attract people who really need it. You can have a lead magnet that offers a specific result, but when they land on your website what do they see? Are your offers in-line with what they are interested in? What they signed up to learn? Or do you have a smorgasbord of talent?

More of your visitors will turn into actual leads (joiners, members, consults) when they get excited about the transformation you can deliver to them. If they just see service hours they will be less excited than if you help them visualize reaching their goals!

You can charge more for outcomes than services

Outcomes are worth more! If you spoke to a business coach selling you coaching for 3 months how excited would you be? Probably not very excited. What about someone selling you on creating a customized plan to double your income or increase your leads or give you extreme confidence of the value you offer?

Doesn’t that sound worth more? A whole lot more!

Besides  … when you get full, and you will because you are talented, you can’t add hours to the day. But you can increase the price of the packages you offer, without adding more hours to it.

This is also your opportunity to begin doing more of the higher level strategic work that pays more. It also makes your work more exciting. The ultimate incentive for business growth.

You will convert more of your sales calls

So many owners can’t convert their prospect to clients! It’s the final step and you’ve lined up your funnel so well and then they don’t buy! It’s sad and common. In fact, I just saw a post today where a whole bunch of people said they have no problem attracting prospects but can’t convert them.

They aren’t offering clear enough outcomes to prepare their prospects for the cost and the transformation being offered. Your website is where you need to pre-sell your prospects. I convert well because my leads are mostly sold by the time they get on that consultation with me.

And that’s because I provide a sound methodology and clear outcomes on all my pages.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So now that you know you could be setting up your services better to appeal to high-paying clients, what are you going to do?

You know it time to stop leaving money on the table and instead:

  • Focus only on selling work that’s within your zone of genius.
  • Spend less time trying traffic to your website & more time communicating your value.
  • Sell outcomes instead of services.
  • Create offers that attract the right attention – from high-paying clients.

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Lisa Princic is a Business Strategist & Membership Expert who helps thought leaders & niche experts build wildly successful memberships while making a positive impact. She helps entrepreneurs scale with powerful positioning & profitable programs designed around their zone of genius. A staunch believer in simplicity, Lisa helps her clients accomplish their goals by focusing on what to do AND what to ignore.

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