Ready to invite the world to join your membership?

But haven't figured out how to get new members in consistently?

This workshop will teach you to build an effective & engaging funnel to fill your membership

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You're doing it. Launching an amazing membership program.

Adding recurring revenue to your bottom line while serving and impacting the people you love working with is more rewarding than you could have imagined.

Taking this bold step is big and has the potential to keep adding value. The membership model is a win-win framework that provides support to so many people while giving business owners a sustainable model so they can get their life back!

BUT so many people get started and struggle to keep growing ...

They get stuck with too many decisions on when to launch, how to launch and how to incentivize new people to join.

Growing beyond founding members and superfans is harder than they expected ...

  • Should I keep the doors open or closed?
  • What kind of launch event works best?
  • How often do I try to enrol people on my list?
  • What kind of sales tactics work and don't feel icky?
  • How do I use sales psychology to get prospects to pay attention?
  • Which channels bring in the best members?

What's even worse is ...

If they don’t figure out how to sell it consistently – they’ll end up feeling like the membership isn't working and just isn't worth it. When, in fact, the value is there but it's not obvious to anyone who hasn't already joined, making it difficult to keep the energy up and the profit healthy.

This is why I created the ..

Level-Up Your Sales

Funnel Training

Your scalable membership program begins with sales!

If your membership stalled or not growing consistently or you feel anxious about how and when your next member will join, this program is for you. 

We’ll help you map out your marketing and sales system so you feel confident that you’re reaching new *ideal* people and warming them up appropriately so if they’re ready to buy. 

We’ll cover both launches and evergreen sales and help you choose the best plan for you. You’ll emerge with a roadmap to build or improve your funnel and a system for enrolling new members!

Yours for only $137!

Awesome workshop. I learned so much about funnels and the differences between them. And it helped me decide on the one that will work the best for my niche and audience.

Erika Klics, Job Research Strategist

After you go through Level-Up Your Sales you'll know ...

What has to be in place before you launch your funnel

Which of the 3 funnel types will work best for you.

How to map & measure visibility activities.

What goes into an effective evergreen funnel.

How to choose the right sales event for your launch.

The essentials that will help you sell with confidence

I created this one-of-a-kind workshop to help you feel confident with your first or next launch. It's designed to give you the foundation and structure you need to get started planning your visionary program.

I go over:

  • What's working in sales today
  • Funnel principles, mistakes and one BIG myth
  • 3 types of membership funnels (and which ones work best for each type of program)
  • How to build an effective evergreen funnel (that works better than launching)
  • How to choose your best sales event

Part I: Funnel Principles

We'll go through the essential components of effective sales funnels as well as uncover some major mistakes membership business owners make during sales periods, that can make or break the long-term success of a program. 

Part 2: Three Types of Funnels

I'll share the three types of funnels for membership programs. We'll cover which ones may suit different kinds of programs and how to decide which one will work best for you and your future members. 

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Part 3: Evergreen Your Sales

Ready to put your sales on auto-pilot? I'm going to share my favourite type of enrollment system that's the best method for memberships. I'll go through why and how it works and share all of the steps that will make it the highest converting evergreen system that you could have. 

Part 4: Choosing the Right Sales Event

They may look the same but not all open cart events are the same. Many of them have too much content and don't spend enough time helping the participant envision the transformation. We'll talk about choosing the right sales event that prepares people to buy from you, instead of your competitors.

Membership program
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I received so much value from my strategy session with Lisa. I run a successful membership and was looking to pivot the model in a way that supports my growing business.

I received validation on my ideas and support with the messaging and process of notifying my audience of the changes in a way that highlights the value I provide and supportive resources they’ll receive by buying into the vision of the community we co-created. Grateful for the support! Danielle Searancke, Squamish Medium

Kelley C

Lisa's training materials have helped me think through the components of my membership model, particularly around the value it brings. The training prompted thought provoking questions about why I'm offering this and what my clients want to get out of it.

Lisa helped me think about my main offer and the benefits it could offer (to me and my clients) if it were a membership model. I am a relationship builder and enjoy supporting my clients in a membership model but it wasn't on my radar as a viable business model until I heard about it from her.

Kelley Carlstrom,

That's sounds great doesn't it? But what about all those things that keep you from showing up consistently?

Too Many Choices

Reels, podcasts, summits & bundles  ... webinars, challenges, emails or ads? There are so many ways to reach your audience and everyone is trying to get you do it their way but will that work for you? You have to choose the best channels based on data you already have.

Conflicting Advice

You've probably heard people tell you that THIS is the only type of funnel for a membership. And then someone else tells you the opposite. Truthfully, they are both right. Different types of memberships need different funnels and you need to find out for yourself.

Imposter Syndrome

Taking the step to sell like a pro takes full self belief, some validation and a bit of sales psychology. You're going to need some positive sales experiences and expert wisdom to believe what you've got and let that show through your stellar sales funnel.

Hey I'm Lisa!

I'm what you might call a straight-shooter. As an Enneagram 8w7 and Myers-Briggs ENTP, I love taking on new challenges and going on adventures. My top strengths are Futuristic, Activator, Command, Maximizer & Communication.

All this probably explains why I value real relationships and witnessing people taking action.

Over the last 13 years, I've helped 1000’s of impact-driven business owners dive deep into their unique value and offers to build sustainable & profitable brands.

I'm fiercely committed to helping impact-driven entrepreneurs create signature membership offers that get their brand into the world so they can grow a fulfilling business with recurring revenue and get their life back!

By committing 100% to growing it now, you'll be years ahead of where you'd be if you didn't. Ready?

Gray shirt straight phone 2

The only thing I wish I'd done differently ... is build it sooner!

I took way too long to start my own membership business because I thought it was more complicated than it actually was. I got stuck worrying about getting it right instead of just learning on the go.

Then I spent equally as much time messing around with my sales funnel to sell it consistently. 

My offer and message were solid but my launches weren't getting that message through clearly. I made the mistake of giving away too much and not helping prospects see the transformation clearly enough.

Instead of getting caught in the trap of confusion and overwhelm ...

Start converting leads into members with the ...

Level-up Your Sales

Funnel Training

Whether you're just getting started or have a small community already, steady growth is your goal.

A cookie-cutter formula, isn't going to help you grow an audience, gain trust and build authority.

You're going to have to figure out which funnel activities works best for you and double down on those as well as level-up the sales component to get people over the line.

I'll show you how to do all this inside this workshop - to build a funnel that demonstrates the irresistibility of your program. And develop the confidence to enroll new members like a pro.

Dive right into this training and start your membership growth path:


Learn the 3 membership funnels types so you can decide which one is right for your energy, track record and type of membership.  (Value $47)


Understand the major components of an effective funnel so you can discover your gaps and begin to fill them with smarter activities. (Value $77)


Learn about some of the biggest myths about memberships that might be holding you back from growth.  (Value $47)


Understand the factors that contribute to strong sales. We'll uncover ethical strategies that will encourage qualified prospects to take the leap. (Value $27)


Get the lowdown on the tools that will help you turn your sales system on and keep it working for you. (Value $27)


We'll go over the most effective automation sequences that encourage people who are the right fit, see the value and join. (Value $97)

But it doesn't stop there ... check out these bonuses!

Bonus #1 - Pre-Funnel Checklist

There are a number of pieces that go into an irresistible membership including positioning, pricing and messaging. This checklist will help you determine how ready you are to go all in on funnel development before you make decisions to invest in expensive marketing or sales tactics.  (Value $37)

Bonus #2 - Marketing Roadmap Workbook

This workbook comes from the popular Scaling Deep Marketing Roadmap. It will help you map out the current activities in your funnel so you can see what's working effectively and what isn't. This will help you track, measureand plan what to invest in and pause what's not bringing in new members consistently. (Value $27)


Working with Lisa made all the difference in helping me figure out what to do for my launch.

I had a very successful webinar launch! It was well attended and have enrolled a number of founding members and am now getting ready to let the next cohort in.

I've gotten so much out of working with Lisa and am so grateful for the support she and others in the Profitable Membership Club provide. I'm super excited about this work and about how the membership is taking shape!

Lex Roman, Growth Trackers


Working with Lisa was hands down, one of the best business/strategy investments I ever made. I recouped my investment, as soon as I finished my private program with her.

She gave me the clarity I needed. I was able to birth and deliver my coaching program Beyond Corporate in the first round!!  And on top of that, I learned a process that I've repeated a couple of times with my new program.

Jessica Vazquez, Business & Money Coach

I'm sharing all of this that normally costs $497 for only $137!! Get started on it ...TODAY!

Start learning to sell with confidence!

This workshop is perfect for you if you: 

  • Have an established membership that you're struggling to grow.
  • Are experiencing inconsistent results when you launch.
  • Want to put your sales system on auto-pilot!

Lisa’s training helps you get to the heart of what makes you and your business.

By visualizing and mapping out a client’s journey through my offerings, I gained clarity on what sets me apart as a coach. Instead of trying to appeal to everyone (which really means you’re appealing to no one!). She made me dig, deep and find my true niche as a coach for middle managers and supervisors. That has helped me feel confident and excited that I can do what I say I can do to help my clients move forward in their careers (and life)!

Kim Hall, Personal Development Coach


I am so grateful for Lisa and her work. I knew I had an idea of who I served, how, and what made me different, but I was waaaaaay too in my own head about how to draw it out and it stopped me from doing more to promote my business.

After this process, everything just fell into place. Now I can confidently talk about my work, and I feel a lot more confident to put myself out there. Plus I feel like I can write more freely and like myself now that I am clearer on my value prop! It's such a treasure trove, I am grateful.

Sasha Korobov, Business Coach


I worked with Lisa to revamp my brand messaging and she gave me tons of insight that led to an important shift in my business.
Within 6 months after working together, I was able to double the members in my program and increase my member retention.
Andrea Jones, Savvy Social School

Lisa helped me see that the bottleneck existed in my sales sequence. Just days after I tightened up the language, I bumped up the price 15% and started selling 1 course every day! She helped me see that I was giving too much away and didn't need more leads, just a higher conversion rate.

Lisa's process got me immediate results. I've now had 3 record breaking months in a row ... and it's my slow season!

Mark Groleau, Unboring Wedding

Mark Groleau
Guarantee seal

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Say what?

It's not easy to understand if a workshop is right for you just by reading a sale page. I get it!

I'm a big believer in doing the work. It's not the easy stuff or quick fixes that will make or break a business. It takes deep knowledge and commitment. This is the training that will give you the best chance to know, confirm and commit.

However, not all great minds think alike and I want to feel satisfied that this is what you need right now. That's why I'm offering a 7 day full money back guarantee. All I ask is that you write in with the reason why it's not right for you so I can keep improving it.