Dreaming of evolving your business beyond one-to-one services?

evolving your business

Evolving your business model is part of your own transformation

When I started out my business seven years ago I had a vision of two things:  

One – Freedom to live a healthy lifestyle with plenty of time to eat well, be outside as much as possible, and travel spontaneously. Quality time is where it was at! 

Two – Doing something that actually mattered. I knew that I wasn’t going to transform massive corporate machines so I chose local impact which was what I connected to and believed crucial to creating lasting change.

While having a healthy lifestyle helps me appreciate what I have and having authentic connections through my work is fulfilling, the main value I have received from choosing this course in life has been my own personal transformation. Being able to learn, earn and serve in a way creates big benefits for others and feels like my gift or medicine is an incredible experience.

In fact, no other external gift has ever created the consistent flow of appreciation, motivation and excitement that I possess now. This is real!

Now I can’t wait to consciously create for and connect with more people in deeper ways. Instead of a necessary push, work has become a compelling passion – which means evolving my business feels natural and right.

I could keep offering one-on-one services and be very fulfilled; however, I have a message and it needs a wider audience. It’s about using truth to realize transformation in business and any aspect of your life. I stand by that 100% which is what motivated to create a Facebook community around it Soul Strategy Collective. Check it out to see if it’s a place in which you can flourish.

What message do you have in you that’s calling for a bigger audience?

Because you’ve designed a business that has room for leadership and expansion and we are naturally wired to evolve, you can’t help to feel that pull. The pull to challenge, impact and lead. To have your message heard and to help more people realize the transformation you and your clients have experienced.

You and your business model are designed to evolve

Designing a business model that gives you space for creating and connecting consciously may mean you can’t get stuck in client meetings all day. Whether you are aiming for a fulfilling lifestyle or impact you will have to grow your business beyond just you in order to achieve your big dreams.

If your ears are perked, you have probably been feeling this already and have already been looking for ways to scale with truth and integrity, which I call scaling deep.

Evolving your business requires knowing your truth

If you have been stalling you might not be clear on how to communicate your value or don’t have time to figure out how to serve clients as well as you do now.

It’s very hard to reach a wider audience when you don’t feel confident with how to articulate the value that you deliver. You may have experienced early growth from referrals and you are ready to reach new people.

Three core truths that need to come together before you even start thinking of evolving your business beyond one-to-one include:

  • The message you stand for and stand by
  • Specific problem you solve and who for
  • Your unique solution

To illustrate I’ll use my brand as an example. I believe that business owners need to use their truth at the deepest level to discover the real value they offer in order to deepen their clients experiences and deliver transformation. I help solopreneurs feel like real business owners (problem for them). I do this by helping them discover their true value through my Business Strategy Coaching packages and my Scaling Deep program.

Whether you envision creating a group program, mastermind, DIY course, membership site, agency, licensing program or live event you’ll want to be crystal clear about your value and what you want your clients to achieve. 

Leveraging the knowledge you need to scale

Scaling can be frightening, disappointing, financially rewarding or deeply fulfilling. When you choose to deliver in a way well suited to you that’s personal and powerful for the recipients, you will be able to create the freedom you need to make an impact, enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle and become a true leader.

Get all the deep strategic and tactical support you need in my new Scaling Deep Program. Bite sized learning with big results for busy entrepreneurs.

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Lisa Princic is a Business Strategist & Membership Expert who helps thought leaders & niche experts build wildly successful memberships while making a positive impact. She helps entrepreneurs scale with powerful positioning & profitable programs designed around their zone of genius. A staunch believer in simplicity, Lisa helps her clients accomplish their goals by focusing on what to do AND what to ignore.

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