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Dr. Glenna Calder is a licensed Naturopathic doctor who’s been in practice for 17 years. A few years ago she became intrigued with the online business world and decided to launch a new side to her business, health coaching, through a month-long online nutritional program.

A number of people began taking it right away. She attributes her immediate success to the support she received through a 6-week coaching program. It prompted her to get started sharing her health and nutritional tips regularly on her personal Facebook page.

We talked about how putting out video to your network is hard at first but because she was so excited about the information she was sharing, she focused on that.

She embarked on the journey because she wanted personal growth and was able to create the space in her life to expand.

And then she decided to take it to the next level, hiring another coach privately to help her with this phase.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as well as the first program because the coach had a focused plan on how what her offers looked like - offering one-on-one coaching online.

Since Dr. Glenna already had an in-person practice so charging a lot more for online coaching than for her in-person ones didn’t feel congruent.

That experience put her into pause mode and she took a step back to get back to her roots and really think about what’s important to her. She paused her online group program for a couple of months, took the online coaching so she could digest and reflect on what she really wants.

Is having a fully online business in her future? Most likely, however, she’s going to do it at her pace and her plan. And of course, she’ll hire a coach when she’s ready because she absolutely believes it cuts down on the learning curve and workload as long as you’ve got the right person to support you.

Her advice to those who are considering entering the online world who already have an in-person practice:

  1. Know your goals because if it’s just to make extra income per month, it might not be the fastest way to earn that income.
  2. Get a coach to help you get to where you want to go faster.
  3. When choosing a coach, trust your gut or you could end up getting off your path and onto one that you won’t enjoy.

What Mastery means to Glenna:
Excelling in an area.

Turning point:
Learning that no one knows what will make you happy except for you. And we absolutely must be always listening to our inner compass to be able to stay on track whatever staying on track means for each person.

Glenna’s Core message:
Planning is key for health. Whether the topic is nutrition, exercise or lifestyle foundations. Planning and intention is a must for success.

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