Creating extra revenue doesn’t have to mean losing sleep

creating extra revenue

Driven by passion, creating extra revenue can be simpler than you think

Most of us dream of having flexibility and freedom with our earnings. Those of us who are happy to give up the steady paycheque often have goals like earning more, working from home, being able to travel or have more family time. Creating extra revenue without giving up all your time is the key to accessing that freedom.

This requires playing a more risky, tenacious game.

There is a difference between throwing spaghetti at the wall and choosing to follow through on a good idea.

A product, program, or event that offers further results to your prospects and clients can mean creating extra revenue with very little effort and move you forward by giving you:

  • confidence you can do it
  • knowledge on how to deliver in a new format
  • connection from serving your clients more deeply
  • new tools, techniques and expertise in your field
  • inspiration for new content
  • a platform for testing ideas

Here’s my story of creating extra revenue last month – $2700 to be exact!

It was early January this year when two thoughts came together. The first was that there is a huge market of people who are delivering great value to their clients and are totally limited because they’ve maxed out their time. And, I’m scaling my business this year and have the tools, connections and intel to do it properly so why not take those people with me?

So I sat on this idea for a while as I got busier with my own one-on-one strategy clients and had less time to build my own systems for scaling. I was partially stuck on WHO I wanted to attract to this and what to call it. The name I thought of identified the journey but it didn’t represent my values and unique approach.

It wasn’t until attending a conference in May when a speaker challenged us to with “you don’t have to go big or go home, you can go deep”, and my whole business plan flashed before my eyes. I’d been hesitating to lead with that kind of language because it was different. That talk gave me validation that I am different and that’s my unique value proposition. No more denying it.

Weeks later I had formulated Scaling Deep and that’s when I decided to take action. I was planning to launch a program for the fall. But I didn’t want this idea to wait for the fall. I knew that making it happen right then was going to give me all of the benefits I listed above.

I went for it without having a big plan or a lot of action steps to take.

Pulling if off was a big unknown because I didn’t have the time to do a big launch. I also wanted to follow the Pilot, Private, Public protocol for a new program so I decided that inviting people who knew me or had worked with me before was best – a “friendly” crowd.

Six days before the program was supposed to START I was resigned (contentedly) to cancelling it. Chalking it up to a good effort and more time required for the next round. Five days before start date I realized it actually might happen. More people were starting to enquire.

Six ideal people showed up which was right within the range of numbers I wanted to attract for this round.

Right now (two-thirds of the way through the program) I am buoyant from the energy created with this group of motivated, engaged and sophisticated entrepreneurs. For the next round, I get to take all of the learning from this pilot and plan a bigger launch with much more confidence and understanding of the real value of the program.

What idea to you need to get started on, rather than waiting for something to happen?

If you do take that leap, what you will realize is that you have nothing to lose by trying, only knowledge to gain about both the sales process and delivery for next time.

Here’s how you can do this with very little effort:

Serve with integrity

Choose a topic that you love, using tools that you know work and turn it into a framework within which you can move people along towards reaching their goals. Pick a price point that matches the value you know you can deliver.

Focus on one simple thing

Instead of trying to offer the world, recognize that most people can only ingest and utilize a bite-sized amount of knowledge. Some of the most successful programs out there promise and deliver one very specific outcome. Pare it down.

Work within the realm you know

Find a delivery method that feels natural to you. I chose not to get complicated with technology and instead offered more live group coaching for participants to get support on the spot rather than backloading a whole bunch of resources or specific how to’s which I don’t think often serves super busy entrepreneurs anyway.

I also had experience with this kind of delivery model as a participant and knew how much I got out of it so it was a no stress decision.

Under promise, over deliver

Offer a special early adopter promotion so people don’t have the highest expectations in the world and give them everything you’ve got. It’s best that they recognize that you are running a pilot or launching something new and that you might have a few glitches to iron out. Just make sure that you don’t hold back in getting them to their desired outcomes from taking the course in the first place.

Do you have a big idea burning in you? Contact me for a free consultation to see if I can help you make it happen in the next few months. Join my private Facebook group and stay focused on your growth strategies.

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Lisa Princic is a Business Strategist & Membership Expert who helps thought leaders & niche experts build wildly successful memberships while making a positive impact. She helps entrepreneurs scale with powerful positioning & profitable programs designed around their zone of genius. A staunch believer in simplicity, Lisa helps her clients accomplish their goals by focusing on what to do AND what to ignore.

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