What is a Conscious Entrepreneur in the Connection Economy?

conscious entrepreneur

A conscious entrepreneur does business with their values and well-being at the forefront of everything

You might have seen the expression conscious entrepreneur before and something draws you to it but you just aren’t sure exactly what it means. Sometimes it’s hard to know if you are one yourself.

To put it in super simple terms think of it as always applying your business through the lens of what you believe is beneficial and good. And allowing that spidy sense of yours to guide decisions about what is right for you and others.

Your contribution as a conscious entrepreneur matters

Right now more than ever. The business world is evolving so much right now. In this connection economy we are finding our feet as entrepreneurs in radical new ways. It’s not big boy business as usual anymore. Small businesses are emerging at rapid levels.

We are all connected to opportunities to flourish as micro business owners where we never would have known that such chances exist even 10 years ago. Social media platforms and cloud technology make them accessible has a tremendous influence.

We now have choices about how and where we work and for who.

We have resources, ideas, support and access to promotional tactics that don’t cost a dime.

That’s why our language is changing. So what language accurately describes values-aligned working and business development? I can’t think of a better one to reflect our personal contribution to this emerging connection economy: consciousness, which is our awareness of sensations, thoughts, and feelings.

It’s this awareness that makes your business different.

It means that you accept responsibility for your choices and outcomes. You are in charge of picking the right life for you, making an impact and contributing to a better world.

Conscious entrepreneurs, grassroots movement builders & changemakers are showing up 

And that means collectively, we are making an impact and building a new paradigm. A paradigm that once required us to work in a corporation in order to make change.

Now we have a world full of conscious entrepreneurs doing business in a way that serves a greater purpose.

The opportunity for impact for the “little guy” right now is huge.  And the way we communicate, connect and learn is shifting so rapidly we don’t even know whether we are leading the charge or barely keeping up.

It’s time to look at it from a different angle. What is really important here?

Is it about being the best, fastest, leanest, nouveau wealthiest and having the most freedom OR is it about something else more meaningful?

That being something deeper that truly represents the new economy on a whole new level from just what you do (something green, organic, freelance or growing something with massive impact) or where you work from (eg. home, co-working space, in exotic locations). I am talking about an all-encompassing belief set and way you approach your work and life.

Are you part of this new economy of conscious entrepreneurs? Here’s how I have broken it down, part attitude, part activity:

You feel compelled to follow your purpose

Finding and living your ‘purpose’ is big stuff. Over our lifetime we build enough experience and intuition to be able to understand where we show up best. What you choose to do may not always be in the exact form of what you imagine. However, if you feel like your livelihood is in some form an answer to a ‘calling’ (v.s. an easy route or an empty chore) then you have consciously chosen your path.

You understand personal responsibility

This was a hard lesson I learned in my previous sustainability consulting job. I worked for a lean social enterprise prior to starting this business. As a newbie in a fairly challenging career, I expected certain things to be given to me. I didn’t even know it at the time that I was entitled. And with that job my superiors expected me to make everything happen without too much coddling.

That’s what began my personal development journey and changing my belief set to change to taking responsibility for everything including all choices, situations and consequences.  Even though it was bitter medicine then. It shaped go-getter attitude now.

With this his attitude, you, as a steward of the new economy, can create your destiny to enjoy personal fulfillment & impact.

You’re committed to healthy living

I believe in radical self-care. Full stop. I don’t believe in massive over-extension to the expense of health, wellness, and all the emotional stability that makes us contributors to society and others around us. (For eg, if you are planning to stay up all night, block off time for a nap the next day.) Following your personal mission and bliss is a central theme.

This means knowing ourselves well and our limits so we can show up fully with integrity in a consistent manner. Trust that the world will balance you out, whether you like it or not. And embodying the sustainability we need to see in the world is the right thing to do.

You honour your talent

When you realize that when you are good at something, it’s telling you something and that’s why you decided to share your talents with the world. Starting a business in an area that you shine is at the next level of consciousness and it’s the place where you can really serve.

You consider people and planet in all decisions

You or your products touch peoples lives, change behaviours, build movements, get people to become more aware of their responsibility in the world.  Most likely, ethical business activities extend beyond your core offering to the ways in which you conduct your day-to-day.

This includes having a positive impact on your customers, communities, the environment, your suppliers, your employees and your business partners. That also means telling the truth when marketing and advertising. No slimy tactics.

You apply your values across all facets of your venture, consistently. Which feels really good too.

Does this resonate with you or do you know someone who approaches their business as a conscious entrepreneur? If you want to know how I work with impact-driven owners like you, come over here.


Lisa Princic is a Business Strategist & Membership Expert who helps thought leaders & niche experts build wildly successful memberships while making a positive impact. She helps entrepreneurs scale with powerful positioning & profitable programs designed around their zone of genius. A staunch believer in simplicity, Lisa helps her clients accomplish their goals by focusing on what to do AND what to ignore.

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