The Profitable Membership Club

Ready to create financial freedom & impact with a thriving, flexible membership?

For Niche Experts Who Want To Build Their Movement with the Clients & Community they Love

If you're sitting on a membership offer that's currently the world's best secret, and are now ready to bring it to the world ... keep reading.

Why your membership didn't take off as quickly as you hoped ...

( ... or scared you off from launching in the first place)

Reason #1

You're still trying to decide if it's the right offer for you

Despite how much you see a membership as your dream business, you've heard a lot of gurus say, “The only way to make it is by selling high ticket offers”, and it's causing you to doubt pursuing this path. What you might not be seeing is the highly profitable (expertly positioned) programs that become so sustainable they don't have to spend $$$$ on advertising.

Reason #2

Structuring content that leads to results feels overwhelming

You've been hesitating because you're imagining getting stuck in an endless content creation cycle. That's not how to create your lifestyle business. Rest assured, the number one rule about membership deliverables is, "less is more". The less you give, the more focus and results members will get. You just need a simple plan that relies on your strengths.

Reason #3

You haven't figured out how to keep adding new members

You've got your founding members. But now what? When your 'hot leads' tap out, you're not sure how to get more people inside to keep the vibe going. Maybe you're tired of disappointing launches, which is what you've been taught. "Open the doors only a few times per year". No wonder growth is so slow because that's not the best way to grow a membership!

Is there an easy way to grow sustainably & profitably without over-delivering?

HELL YEAH! If you master the THREE essential foundations of very successful memberships you'll enjoy ALL the benefits from having long-term members and that oh-so-sweet consistent revenue!

★  Foundation 1:  Irresistible positioning so your ideal member is eager to join.

★  Foundation 2:  Simple, minimal content that's fun & easy to create and gets results.

★  Foundation 3:  A sales system that properly nurtures prospects & invites them to jump in now.

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If you channel your expertise and energy into these three foundations, you can be confident you'll have a successful membership with the recurring revenue you've been dreaming about!

"This group is so valuable"

"I've gotten so much out of working with Lisa and am so grateful for the support she and others in the Profitable Membership Club provide. I'm super excited about this work and about how the membership is taking shape!"
Lex Roman, Growth Trackers

There has never been a better time to launch a membership program!

Imagine running a program that doesn’t consume you 24 hours per day and still brings in consistent revenue every single month?

Thousands, no millions, of people are looking for accessible support and communities with leaders they trust.

It's the most sustainable type of online service. All you have to do is show up in you zone of genius and and just be YOU.

Memberships are not magic. They are win-win programs. 

You get to teach what you love, earn great money and your members get to learn and connect over reaching their goals.

Before I joined Lisa’s program I didn’t really realise how many different options there are for memberships, or understand the impact they could have on my client’s success.

After joining the Club with Lisa, I got a clear picture of how to make a membership work for me and deliver results to my clients and I got my membership up and running.

It’s been amazing to see the transformations the membership has given my clients and I’ve loved running the group too. Lisa is a great mentor and I appreciated how much she was willing to share. The support and accountability I received really helped my membership to get off the ground.

Vicki Walls, The Fashion Business Coach

Kelley C

I am a relationship builder and enjoy supporting my clients in a membership model.

The Profitable Membership Club training materials have helped me think through the components of my membership, particularly around the value it brings. The training prompted thought provoking questions about why I'm offering this and what my clients want to get out of it.

She helped me think through how it aligned with my goals and how it could serve my clients as they go through my main program AND after they go through it, ultimately thinking bigger about the value I bring to my clients ongoing professional development.

Kelley Carlstrom,

We implemented the steps and were immediately able to dramatically improve our conversion rates. We were typically at about 1% and on our latest sales campaign we increased that number to 5.2%!

We learned how to talk to our customer more clearly and really improve our copy. This has been the most valuable asset for us.

Amy & Jane, HomeNotes


Meet your Membership Guide

I'm what you might call a straight-shooter. As an Enneagram 8w7 and Myers-Briggs ENTP, I love taking on new challenges and going on adventures. My top strengths are Futuristic, Activator, Command, Maximizer & Communication.

All this probably explains why I value real relationships and witnessing people taking action.

Over the last 13 years, I've helped 1000’s of impact-driven business owners dive deep into their unique value and offers to build sustainable & profitable brands. 

I'm fiercely committed to helping impact-driven entrepreneurs create signature membership offers that get their brand into the world so they can grow a fulfilling business with recurring revenue and get their life back!

By committing 100% to growing it now, you'll be years ahead of where you'd be if you didn't. Ready?

Gray shirt straight phone 2

Enter the Profitable Membership Club

A powerful all-in-one coaching, training and community that will dramatically shortcut the path to building your profitable signature membership program.

Turn your audience into a profitable and powerful movement!

The Profitable Membership Club is THE membership community for professionals and niche experts who want to significantly grow their memberships.

It includes all the foundations for designing, building and launching your program from the ground up. And if you already have a membership, this program will help you strengthen it from the inside out so you’re confident taking it to the next level.

So you can stop worrying about when your next client comes in or how your next launch will do and you can start creating!

We will help you develop your own unique roadmap that grows with you and your members giving you the confidence to make bold, strategic decisions … the kind that turns memberships into powerful movements.

Here's what we focus on:

  • You're ideal membership type
  • Content that highlights your zone of genius
  • Sustainable & profitable pricing that supports you
  • Becoming irresistible with expert positioning
  • Onboarding & engagement that connects
  • Creating your predictable sales & marketing system

Ready to create a space where you can results for your members, using your zone of genius?

What's included:

Sure. Anyone can throw up a site and invite a few people to join it. But we think you can do much better than that! We'll help you create something that delivers value beyond your members' expectations.

You'll get instant access to:


  • Personalized mentorship and attention from me as I get to know your business and unique value proposition
  • LIVE, interactive calls to develop your own membership model and roadmap
  • Ample space in the community to get your questions answered.


  • The Build a Revolutionary Membership training program which is a self-paced 9 module program designed to give you the foundations to build a program that will last.
  • Quarterly guest expert speakers from membership experts.
  • Swipe files and templates that take the guesswork out of your email sequences.
  • BONUS tools: Brave Messaging Toolkit to learn how to write compelling copy & Scaling Deep Marketing Roadmap to develop your minimalist marketing strategy.


  • Access to an online community to share wins, ask Q's and get feedback.
  • New biz besties that you can count on to help you succeed.

Build a Revolutionary Membership Training Program

As a member of the Club, you'll also get access to the Build a Revolutionary Membership training program. A program totally unique to memberships!

It’s packed with in-depth, practical training and resources that will give you confidence and a foundation for planning, creating, launching, and growing a membership business.


First we’ll work on your purpose & model so you’re clear on what your membership  stands for and how you make an impact. This will help you define the overall value of the membership and make sure it matches your financial goals.


This module will help you decide who you're serving and what they want so you can build the right program for the right people instead of for members who aren’t there for the right reasons. We’ll get clear on the number one transformation your members want.


Mapping out your member journey will help you get clear on what they will need to learn  in order to achieve the transformation they desire. And this will also prevent you from creating unnecessary content & sending your members down distracting rabbit holes.


Your pricing must reflect your value and meet your revenue goals. In this module we’ll cover how to determine pricing you can live with for a long time and give you examples of how different types of membership are priced so you can sell with more confidence.


Spent your life avoiding sales? We’ll teach you the essentials for a successful founding members launch and then talk about launching best practices so you feel confident keeping the doors open. We’ll go over core pieces of an effective marketing funnel.


Worried about spending all your time creating content? Choose your model & type so you can create content that matches your zone of genius and gets your clients into action. Then map out a content that you can manage on a few hours per week. 


In this module we’ll focus on creating BOLD messaging that resonates with your ideal member and makes your membership irresistible. It will also help to deter people from joining for the wrong reasons so you can focus on serving long-term members. 


IF you’re worried about where to host your community and/or deliverables this module will help you make the best decision based on what you need right now so you can stop worrying about tech and focus on creating an exceptional program that gets results..


Onboarding is a critical step for membership satisfaction & retention. We'll cover the nuts & bolts of onboarding so your members feel welcome, know where to start & don’t get lost in all of your content. Helping you create a strong connection right from the beginning.

So what's all this worth?

  • The Build a Revolutionary Membership training program which is a self-paced 9 module program designed to give you the foundations to build an exceptional program (Value $997)
  • LIVE, interactive Q&A calls to develop your own membership model and roadmap. (Value $1,800)
  • Bi-monthly guest expert speakers from membership experts. (Value $750)
  • Online community to share wins, ask Q's and get feedback (Value $600)
  • Swipe files & templates so you don’t have to do write everything from scratch ($750)
  • Quarterly authentic networking session to foster strong relationships with membership business leaders (Value $300)
  • New biz besties that you can count on to help you succeed (priceless)

Bonus #1: Brave Messaging Toolkit (Value $297)

Bonus #2: Marketing Roadmap (Value $47)

Total Value: $5,541

If you were to buy each piece of this program individually, you would easily spend THOUSANDS of dollars.

But that's not what you'll pay!

In the Profitable Membership Club, you’re getting EVERYTHING for much, much less without sacrificing personal attention & connection.

Monthly Plan


  • You pay monthly for 6 months of access.
  • Lock-in at this current price-point forever!



  • Pay full price up front and enjoy 6 months of membership access.
  • Lock into this price-point for as long as you stay inside the Club!

A Few Words from Our Members ...


The Club has been exactly what I needed to focus my membership, develop a launch strategy and take action to grow it.

Lisa's feedback on my messaging and value prop have been invaluable - getting that clarity has 'allowed' me to live launch.

Before PMC, I could never envision what a live launch would be because I was trying to attract too many different types of members.

Angie Trueblood, The Podwize Co-op

I love Lisa’s approach to membership & business mentoring! She is real, honest & knows her stuff. As a health & wellness business owner that prioritises putting value rich work out into the world more than six figure driven promises that never worked for me. I feel like I am finally building something with substance & that I can earn in equivalent financial value.

Emily Dawson, Healthie Homie

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 12.16.37 PM

I worked with Lisa to revamp my brand messaging and she gave me tons of insight that led to an important shift in my business. Within 6 months after working together, I was able to double the members in my program and increase my member retention.
Andréa Jones, Savvy Social School

Working with Lisa made a big difference in my business immediately. She helped me strategically shaping the business that I want which is giving me so much fulfillment and lots of success!

Lisa helped me redesign my offers in the form of a membership. I built a solid program that will help lots of women while making recurring revenue and we got 42 members on our soft launch!

I’m feeling SO good about where my business is headed.  It’s so nice to stop, think, and make a GOOD plan.

Roxanne Carne, Personal Stylist,

Roxanne Carne
tiffany hawk

It has been valuable beyond words (and I’m a writer!) to have a group I can grow with, who understands me and my business, and can help me retool and refine as my business and I continue to evolve.

I came to Lisa when I had more clients than I knew what to do with but was still broke! I had the classic problem of not being able to work on my business because I was stuck working in my business, and as we discovered…oftentimes with the wrong clients.

Our initial strategy calls helped me re-envision my business model, raise my prices, and begin getting a better idea of my ideal client.

But it was in her membership that the seeds we planted really began to take root. The regular sessions with other like-minded entrepreneurs kept me motivated, enthusiastic, and accountable.
Tiffany Hawk, Author & Writing Coach

Join a growing group of business owners leading successful memberships and making an impact.

Got questions? I've got answers!

Who Is This For?

Are you ready to step into your strengths, your brand and truly serve a small or large group of people hungry for transformation and belonging? Then, this program was made for you!

This program is perfect for ...

We’ve found that the people who thrive with this kind of support tend to fall into three categories…

  1. Membership Site Owners:  If you've already launched a membership site and it's not growing as you had hoped, we will help you level it up to attract new members and create a structure, so you don't have to keep guessing about how to make it engaging and fun.
  2. Community Builders: You have a specific niche and know it's underserved. You know that a membership can create a community for those who're craving more connection and direction.
  3. Industry Authorities:  If you are an industry expert and keep circling back to, "I should start a membership" because my people need it, the Club will help you prioritize and plan it, so you can get take the leap.

Some people just aren't ready to join and that's okay too! 

Our monthly membership might not be for you if you’re someone who:

… wants to follow a step-by-step formula or cookie-cutter framework to build their membership.

We don’t believe in those! We think every program has to be as unique as you and your clients - your superpowers combined with the outcomes your clients truly want will help you design the best program. One that flourishes. 

… believes memberships are all about passive income.  

While scaling with a membership and recurring revenue is an amazing experience, it’s not passive. You will be running a program that requires commitment and attention, whether or not it’s coming primarily from you or implemented with the help of your team. 

… don’t believe in your value. 

If you’re still stuck in this mindset and doubt your experience, vision and passion, then we’ve got more work to do before you can begin to scale. You may want to explore working with me with a private intensive first. 

I’m confident that you can be a strong part of the membership revolution because I have helped HUNDREDS of women grow, and scale their businesses. 

And here’s what just a few of them have had to say... 

Lisa helped us add value to what we currently offer our clients without having to hustle which is what our competitors are doing.

She helped us dig deep to find out how we could be necessary and feel really good about how we service our customers. We are really excited about our new online product that helps our customers reach their goals.

Lisa is very business oriented. We didn’t want any fluff. We wanted strategies that we could apply to our businesses immediately - a quick turnaround and measurable results. With her help we were able to focus on a direction and very clear business goals that matched our values and desired lifestyle.
Leah Mulleda, Laneway Media


I run a successful membership and was looking to pivot the model in a way that supports my growing business.

I received validation on my ideas and support with the messaging and process of notifying my audience of the changes in a way that highlights the value I provide and supportive resources they’ll receive by buying into the vision of the community we co-created. Grateful for the support! Danielle Searancke, Squamish Medium

Before working with Lisa my head was swirling around with lots of ideas and uncertainty about which direction to take my business in.

Lisa's depth of knowledge about business models, marketing, and messaging was critical to helping me formulate a new program that will help my clients take their speaking to the next level, while levelling up my own leadership as well.

I came away from our sessions with a clear plan, the next steps I needed to take, and confidence that this is the right path for me.
The best part was the a-ha's I had as we were talking, the realizations of what I wanted my business model to be and how I needed to show up.
Carol Cox, Speaking Your Brand

Mark Groleau

Lisa helped me see that the bottleneck existed in my sales sequence. Just days after I tightened up the language, I bumped up the price 15% and started selling 1 course every day! She helped me see that I was giving too much away and didn't need more leads, just a higher conversion rate.

Lisa's process got me immediate results. I've now had 3 record breaking months in a row ... and it's my slow season!

Mark Groleau, Unboring Wedding

Lisa is an amazing coach and business mentor. As the CEO of a 7 figure wellness business in NYC, I'm always looking to surround myself with intelligent, honest, positive, and critically-minded people who can help level up my business.

When I started working with Lisa, I had a ton of ideas and enthusiasm but no clear direction or path on where to start, which felt overwhelming. In working with Lisa over the last year, I've been able to confidently choose my path forward, make huge progress on epic projects (opening next locations of my business, starting a line of products, rebranding my business, overhauling my website, and making some life changing hires), and I honestly did get to where I hoped to go!

I have much more confidence in my direction, and made so much more progress than I would have otherwise thanks to Lisa's accountability, organization, and ideas. Lisa is knowledgeable, kind, has genuine interest, and has a willingness to give honest advice, critical and important feedback, and share resources, which is so generous and truly invaluable. I highly recommend working with her!
Rachel Beider, Press Modern Massage

Rachel Beider

Lisa’s superpower is to help businesses distill their value.
Before working with her, I didn’t how to articulate the unique message of my business and make it work. Lisa helped me make sense of the ideas in my head and make them understandable for the clients I’m trying to attract.

As a result, I was able to distinguish my ideal client from others and put messaging on my website that resonates with them, and means a lot to me.
Tammy Martin, Martin Marketing

This program is designed to pay for itself!

Many programs similar to this are charging $1,000 to $2,000 a month. Because I wanted this to be a no brainer price for you I’ve kept it accessible.

Because it includes all the elements you need to launch and thrive the Club is designed to pay for itself many times over!

So you really have two choices ... 

  1. You do nothing, and nothing changes, you put off scaling your business with a membership for another year and experience the same what if moments that you’ve experienced before and wondered what things would be like if only you had made the commitment to get started. Or maybe you already have a membership and haven’t made it a priority to really grow it and make it your business focus and haven't taken the time to build the foundations and systems to make it succeed.
  2. You take action, you move forward, you get your membership launched or set up your evergreen system and start watching your ideal members and recurring revenue roll in.

If you're ready to create a truly sustainable and profitable business and make an impact on hundreds or thousands your choice should be clear ...