Ready to take your visibility & impact to a whole new level?

I'll help you create a marketing system so effective you'll forget it's there!

Ever wonder what trying to do it all, on your own, is actually costing you?

Growing quickly isn't easy. A business has to have a strong brand and messaging, clear offers, a high functioning sales & marketing funnel, not to mention visionary leadership.

How do you ensure that all the above is in place, and working, when you are strapped for time?

You find yourself defaulting to the tasks that come naturally to you - not always the ones that will create lead to BIG opportunities. 

Connecting, speaking and delivering high value work is where you belong.

Marketing is getting pushed aside. You have so many ideas and high priority tasks that you aren't able to follow through on them all, nor leverage your current assets.

MK Fleming

Ten years of Wall Street experience taught me that marketing is the most important investment you can make. Ten minutes as an entrepreneur taught me how hard that investment actually is to make.

As a vision-driven founder, I make important decisions all day long. The most important ones start and end with Lisa's counsel. Her judgment is sound, her experience is unparalleled and her advice is effective. Most of the independent marketing professionals I have encountered left corporate jobs with large budgets and their experience did not scale down to my original budget much less my audience.

Lisa met me where I was at, showed me how much I had to work with, and we've been scaling deep ever since. In the four months we have worked together, my paying client base has increased 35%; our original investment in Lisa has paid for itself several times over. Hire her while you can - she's part of our 5-year plan and we intend to take her off the market by 2024.

MK Fleming, Fitness Protection Program

What kind of impact could you make if you had more time?

You have a massive dream + big plans. You've already tasted success in your life ... and you know it's just the tip of the iceberg. The only thing holding you back is the time and marketing skills required to scale your impact.

Now that you have finally admitted your business can't make great leaps unless you do, it's time to get help with the next steps. Someone who can 10x your value + impact with robust and profitable marketing systems. 


After six months of working together I’ve easily doubled my annual income and I’m on track to tripling it.

And that does not come from selling more. It comes from being intentional about what I’m selling and finding the right audience for it.

Matt Walker, Matt Walker Adventure

Matt Walker Adventure

Ready to ease from creative chaos to scalable flow?

Calling all professionals with a big mission & desire to serve!

If you're a seasoned professional with years of experience and want to expand to new market segments, grow online, leap to new revenue levels or leverage your IP ... you're in the right place.

You're committed to turning your business into a source of wealth, impact and leadership that extends beyond just you. 

To do this, you need someone on your team - a trustworthy & experienced strategist, thought partner & marketer  - who'll get you ready to launch your next big thing. 

Put your marketing on autopilot

I'll become your Chief Marketing Officer. While I take care of your growth plans, you can focus on leading your business and showing up.

Together we'll create a marketing plan and take a big piece of the marketing off your plate so you have the capacity to deliver outstanding results to your clients.

Imagine feeling 100% confident launching your next program or product, setting higher revenue goals and knowing that it's being taken care of by someone you trust?  

kaboompics.com_Conference table with chairs. View from above crop

Marketing Management

In this package I'll operate like your CMO & virtual business partner to build and implement a marketing system that works. This is a part done-with-you and part done-for-you package.

working together

This includes support in all the areas below focusing on where you need the most help:

  • Roadmap:  Creating the plan for immediate & long-term growth.
  • Business model:  Designing, positioning and pricing offers.
  • Positioning:  Up-levelling core messages & copy to attract ideal clients.
  • Revenue & Profit:  Evaluating the highest revenue and profit opportunities.
  • Outreach:  Developing strategies to reach new audiences as a thought leader & influencer.
  • Marketing:  Creating & implementing your online marketing system.
  • Sales:  Reaching and converting more leads with Facebook Ads & strong sales funnels.

Download the Scaling Deep Client Success Map here.

This retainer ranges from $2,500 to $5,000/month & starts with a 3 month minimum.

This package is perfect for eager or established business owners who ...

✔︎  Want someone to plan & implement effective marketing with them.
✔︎  Have a big mission or are on a mission!
✔︎  Believe in the value of their offer.
✔︎  Aren't afraid to play big, because it's now or never.
✔︎  Can quickly recognize when they have, or hear, a good idea.
✔︎  Want to focus on leading their business not their marketing funnels.

If this sounds like you, I'd love to meet you! Click below to set up a consult!

Roxanne Carne

"I couldn’t be more pleased with the strategic planning process. It is so valuable to me."

Working with Lisa made a big difference in my business immediately. She helped me strategically shape the business that I want. I redesigned my offers from one-on-one to an online service. This program will help lots of women while making recurring revenue. 

I was thrilled to get 42 subscribers for my soft launch! That would not have been possible without her input. 

I’m feeling SO good about where my business is headed.  It’s so nice to stop, think, and make a GOOD plan.

Roxanne Carne, Personal Stylist, +