The Membership Success Blueprint Bootcamp

A FREE multi-day workshop to kick-start & strengthen your Thriving Online Membership program!

May 16th-19th, 2022

Ready to start earning from your zone of genius & build your dream program?

If you launched your membership on a whim OR even planned it out carefully ...

... And are still trying to get more people in it & make content, retention and engagement more streamlined and predictable, you are in the right place!

I designed the Membership Success Blueprint Bootcamp to help you master the major components of a successful program. After joining for just one hour per day, you'll know how to ...

  • Become irresistible to your ideal member
  • Choose your best membership model & type
  • Create a launch and sales system you love
  • Learn the foundations of sustainable content
  • Use a growth mindset for launching & retention

Best of all, it's FREE! All you need to do is sign up below to get in on this.


Learn the components all successful membership site owners must master to launch, grow and thrive, during this info & inspiration-packed event!

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Day I: Positioning Mastery

We'll go through positioning and why attracting the right member is so important. I'll show you how to determine who's suitable for your program and ask you critical questions about them to find out what makes your program an irresistible choice.

Day 2: Content Mastery

When you keep your members engaged, consuming the content and activity you deliver, your members are more likely to stay long-term. I'll share with you the different types of memberships and three ways to get your members starting on their transformational journey.

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Day 3: Marketing Mastery

We'll define your signature sales system so you can establish a solid base of founding members. Bringing in committed members outside your inner circle is critical to a profitable and sustainable membership. I'll share the three ways to grow your membership here. 

Day 4: Mindset Mastery

Memberships require commitment and in order to commit ourselves FULLY to the model, it helps to know what's entailed. I'm going to share my best tips and strategies for developing a growth mindset and how to hold your vision for the long term. 

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The Membership Success Blueprint workshop totally confirmed the missing parts I needed for starting my membership site. It not only explained what platforms and tech to consider, but initial steps for what type of membership structure to use, how to price it and options for directed content delivery.

There were many more details that I never even thought about. Shortly after, I signed up for the Profitable Membership Club and am now putting those pieces together with lots of support.


Develop your mastery in all these & build in long-term business resilence!

This bootcamp is perfect for you if you:

  • Have a small membership and want to grow it significantly
  • Are stuck in planning and want to launch soon
  • Are feeling stuck in decision-making and need a framework to help you get out of your own way

And even if you are an experienced professional who's itching to shift from mainly offering one-on-one services to building a community of clients, start here!