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Finding your own way with list-building

Photo by Karolina Szczur on Unsplash

Is list-building worth the effort for your business? We hear so many mixed things from every marketer about list-building for businesses. About five years ago that’s all anyone would talk about – the importance of your list. Nowadays, many other options for connection exist. Online groups, live conversations, messenger, instant chats on your website with … Read more

Few high-ticket clients or many lower-paying customers?

Do you need to attract high-ticket clients or sell to a bigger audience? Your business model contains so much good information. It goes way beyond the sales and marketing to outline how you deliver to each customer, how long you serve them and how much you charge. Making sure you have a plan on how … Read more

Choosing a guided mentorship program right for your business

Ready to make a radical difference in your business? Almost every culture has a variation of the English saying “two heads are better than one.” Well 3-4 heads might be even better! In any field, your chances of achieving long-term success will increase with strong relationships. Collaboration is the cornerstone of the business world. As … Read more

Why you need a business model, not a business coach

A clear-cut business model is the baseline for your highest earning potential Having worked directly with dozens of business owners over the last few years – hearing and rectifying their challenges – I know what’s getting in their way … … the absence of a business model. How they earn, from whom and how they … Read more

The inner game between you and your prosperous business

Creating a prosperous business is simple with a coaching approach Two weeks ago a colleague suggested reading this book – The Prosperous Coach. I receive book suggestions all the time but this time, it felt right. And it felt right now. I found it instantly (a free copy on Scribd) and read it within 48 … Read more