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Due for a dose of entrepreneurial therapy?

Entrepreneurial therapy days to soothe your soul and set you up for success Don’t you ever need to give yourself a bit of a break? Some self-love or a bit of space to shift your perspective. When I am working really hard and on a mission to achieve immediate goals, I really go for it. … Read more

The art of just now

How many times do you catch yourself thinking about what you aren’t doing instead of what you are doing or not doing in the present moment or now? Now isn’t a new concept but the way I am using it is new to me. I have spent so much of my past multi-tasking by thinking of something I am … Read more

Getting your alive-inside feeling back

Do you feel alive inside? What I mean by that is do you experience all kinds of emotions in a split second from nervous, to sad, to excited, to joyful or maybe you feel one at a time, very intensely. In any case you are feeling alive aren’t you? It’s not always that pleasant. Feelings … Read more

Are you finding it difficult to be in charge?

Running a business can be a lonely experience. Even if you have staff, you are the one that they look to for direction and leadership. Who do you look to for those two essentials? Who’s scheduling you to take breaks, encouraging you to get home in time to prepare healthy meals and get exercise?  Who’s … Read more